Firstly, our team would like to thank those of you who have come along with us on our journey. Some of you have been with us since the very start when we brought the concept of Tree Tents to the market; and some of you are new to our community, having just joined us in the past few weeks or months. Each of you are now intrinsically involved in the Tentsile brand, our community and our continued success. Thank you for taking the chance of going off-piste and breaking the mould with your camping shelter choices. We hope you are all out there having a lot of fun. That is why we do what we do!

Tentsile has been lucky to find a unique niche in the outdoor market, allowing people to camp in places that are not possible with conventional camping equipment. We have found a customer base that has nature, adventure and fun at its heart, and we are proud to serve you. With your help, we have managed to build up a loyal following, a robust range of products, and solid credibility and reputation within the camping sector. Our name reverberates soundly around outdoor exhibition halls, retailers, and on social media.

Online, our presence is on-par with some of the best known and closest related outdoor brands, and this is something we are immensely proud of. We try to provide the kind of service you would expect from a company with global reach and hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality manufacturing and customer service. Behind the scenes, however, we are still just a small team working double hard to achieve these standards.

With only 7 members of our team, it is sometimes a real challenge to keep up with the demands set upon us and the expectations we have set for ourselves.

Our dream is big, our team is small; and we work hard to do our best for you all. Sometimes it can be overlooked that we do not have the resources of Amazon, the number of on-hand staff of REI, or the marketing budget of Patagonia. We rely on the good word-of-mouth praise from our customers to spread news of our brand, and the photogenic nature of our products to get traction on social media. Every good review counts and keeps us going.

We recently had a raffle for our 10th birthday, and it was well attended, with great prizes for the 10 winners and 20 runners up. Unfortunately, some thought it funny to post 1 Star reviews because they didn’t win. We understand that it is easy to overlook the power of a throw-away joke comment, but to us this matters, and they hurt. Small companies like us, battle against the big multi-nationals with the big bucks every day, whether to fight for our advertising space, get our stock on the right freight liners, or fight those that try and encroach on (and violate) our Intellectual Property. There are many behind-the-scenes factors going on, and we feel it important that you are aware of the broader picture.

Our team will always do its best for our customers and strive to keep you happy, safe and continuing your adventures in the trees. We will always treat you with respect, good humour, and courtesy, making sure that we give each of you the service you deserve and expect from Tentsile. All we ask is that you be aware that we are a small team, always doing our best. We look forward to bringing the joys of Tree Tents to you all for many years to come; the alternative would be a mighty sad day for everyone.

Alex Shirley-Smith