It's been a tough couple of years. Rising cost of living off the back of two COVID years is taking a strain. The great outdoors is the best cure for the stresses of modern life, and so we want to help you get out there. That is why for the whole of May, we will be running a 20% off wellbeing roll back. 

We are fully stocked and ready to deliver the single most fun product you can use in the great outdoors or the backyard. Alone, with a friend, with a group, or as a family. You are never alone with a Tentsile, don't miss out on the chance to get yours. 

We have always been passionate about getting outside and feeling part of something bigger. We have always been passionate about connecting with nature and those we want to spend time with. We have worked hard at developing a range of products that allow those connections to take place and that inspire wonderful new ways to make more connections. We all need space sometimes. Sanctuary. Peace. Our Tree Tents and Giant Hammocks really do deliver beyond your usual hammocking dreams. 

Solo and lightweight, all the way up to jumbo sized stacked towers that sleep 9. When you get inside a Tentsile, your troubles slip away, and you are transported to your best life.  

A pandemic, global logistics chaos and price rises over the recent past, has left a dent in us all. The outdoor industry goes from strength to strength due to the growing cultural trend to get outdoors, and the research is unequivocal; spending time in nature is good for you and your relationships. Quality time, digital detox time, social distancing time, connecting with nature time. 

We as a team, are going to be spending more time outdoors, and so we thought you should too. We reinvest our profits back into our family-owned business to help build better people, better systems and better products. We don't run this company for a quick buck. We remain three brothers who wanted to enable people to have more fun and comfort in the trees. It just turned out, that a lot of you wanted that too!  

So, we will put some of our plans on hold for another year, tighten our belts a little more, and pass the upside on to you. 

Happy exploring!

Alex Shirley-Smith, Founder of Tentsile 

Play. Camp. Explore 

Tentsile Range

Jack Thomson