Updated for July 2022

Swing your worries away on July 22nd and celebrate National Hammock Day along with the rest of the outdoor recreation community!

These comfortable, portable slings are a great addition to your backyard, or to take along on your next camping trip. Find out more about why we celebrate the invention of the hammock every year.

The History of the Hammock

The hammock originated in Central America and can be traced back 1,000 years to ancient Mayan civilizations who created suspended sleeping pods made from tree bark and plant fibers from the Hamack tree.

However, the term hammock may also come from the Taino word for fishing net. These were used throughout the Caribbean to keep the indigenous people of the Bahamas off the ground and away from pests and rodents.

It was in the Bahamas that Christopher Columbus noticed the use of hammocks for sleeping and brought the idea back to Europe. Throughout the 16th century as cotton and canvas began to be transported between Europe and the colonies, the modern hammock design was developed.

From the 16th to the 20th century, hammocks were frequently used aboard ships to prevent sailors from getting damp while sleeping and avoiding rodents that infested the vessels. They also provided a high-density way to accommodate larger crews.

This idea was adopted briefly by the prison system in Britain to save on operating costs, only to be removed shortly later, after prisoners began using the mounting hardware as weapons.

The heavy canvas hammocks used by the Navy were famously uncomfortable. This soon led to the development of modern, lightweight hammocks that provided better ventilation and a more comfortable relaxing and sleeping experiences.

Since then, hammocks have continually evolved as hammock camping has grown in popularity, helped by their multi-functional use. Because they’re lightweight, they’re great for day hikes and even backpacking trips when used with a tarp for extra protection against the elements. You can even buy hammock stands for the backyard, great for lazing in while reading a good book!

How to Celebrate Hammock Day

While not technically an official national holiday, Hammock Day is observed in the middle of summer on July 22 among the camping and outdoor community. It is a day celebrating the universal symbol of rest and relaxation. Aaah 😎

Celebrate Hammock Day by rigging up your hammock in a shady spot and sipping on a cool drink or taking a nap! Encourage others to celebrate with you by organizing a hammock camping trip and setting up hammocks or tree tents to make the most of the natural scenery. You don’t even have to leave your home, get creative in the backyard. Just remember to lay back and relax!

Tag your camping pictures with #NationalHammockDay and #Tentsile to inspire a love of relaxation among your fellow hammockers! Leave your troubles behind and celebrate your love of swinging your worries away by spending the day in your favorite hammock.

Happy National Hammock Day!

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