Once you become the proud owner of a hammock or Tree Tent, you may be interested to know how you can max out on comfort so you can spend even more time floating above ground. When improving your camping experience, there are five fundamental categories of accessories:

  1. Upgrades
  2. Comfort enhancement
  3. Stacking
  4. Repair kits
  5. Weatherproofing

The first three are the most fun, while repairing and weatherproofing are great ways to extend your range of camping experiences. If you want to go further, camping in all four seasons, or exploring more extreme climates, you’ll want to consider adding a repair kit and looking into weatherproofing sooner rather than later.



Your hammock or Tree Tent comes with a nice collection of gear, such as ratchets and straps, a rainfly and mesh pockets. Two popular upgrades include (1) conversion to a tent, or a waterproof roofing system using a roof kit, and (2) a ground conversion kit for Tree Tents.

The 2-season roof kit for a Trillium 3 hammock will provide shelter with just a flysheet and aluminum poles. A 4-season roof kit will convert your Trillium to a Stealth 2-in-1 Tree Tent and includes rainfly and poles plus insect mesh, a tripad one-pole support, and watergates.

With a ground conversion kit you can pitch your Tree Tent at ground level which is handy if you are in an area with no trees and makes your Tentsile home even more versatile. These kits range in weight from 2.5 to 3.5 lbs depending on which Tree Tent you have.



The most popular hammock accessory to increase comfort is the Sky-Pad inflatable air mattress, which creates buoyancy and insulation. You can also add the 3-person inner sheet or 2-person inner sheet to keep the mattress in place and protect the base of your hammock tent from dirt. Other creature comforts include the 3 cup drink holder which does what it says on the tin and 3-person hatch cover so you can block out any draughts. The spare underfloor storage net is super convenient to give you more space inside and works for any size hammock or Tree Tent, from solo to family sized.


Stack Accessories

The two most popular accessories for stacking Tentsiles are the double-bubble insect mesh, which creates a downstairs mesh-enclosed chamber and additional room in the stack. The super strong 6-foot ultra lightweight webbing ladder can be used between levels for easy access. Trapezium tent walls can create a protected area at ground level or provide weather-proof walls to stacked hammocks open sides.


Repair Kits

Smart planning means having a repair kit on-hand should your hammock become damaged, either while in the field or after a trip. It’s a good idea to have an additional ratchet and strap on hand, at least at home, in case you lose one. You can also get a $15 repair-and-replace basic kit that allows you to deal with a ripped fly, a hole in the tent, or a broken pole. Spare parts run the gamut: from extra aluminum folding tent poles, to extra rainflies. Click the following link to see the full list of Tentsile accessories.



Waterproofing your hammock is an excellent idea if you camp in damp weather. From a $10 watergate that keeps water from entering the rainfly during continuous rain, to roof kits to provide shelter, Tentsile offers a wide variety of hammock accessories that are perfect for rainy conditions. These extra items will go a long way towards helping to keep you warm and dry while you're nestled inside. Tentsile Range
Ryan W