Although the cloud-like comfort of being suspended in the air can feel perfectly divine, there are times when you need to put a little something beneath you to keep off the chill of those 3am breezes. While the ground might be lumpy, the wind can take warmth like a robber in the night.

The simplest way to get a cushion of static (able to be warmed) air beneath one’s body, is to use an air mattress / pad. These have been around for decades and provide both a fair amount of insulation from the cold hard ground, as well as much needed softening. Air Pads design has come a long way and they can be very effective. For our Air Pads, we partnered with leading brand in this field, Klymit, to create the Tentsile SkyPad. It does what it says on the tin; keeps the cold off your back and designed to fit our range of tents.

Again, Tentsile has learnt from world of hammocks and found a way to apply the solution to the flat surfaces that Tree Tents and Giant Hammocks offer to a multiple of occupants. Our Insulated Quilt Range (like many of our products), are versatile and able to be used in more than one way. With the silky-soft outer fabric, the fibrous padding within can used as a topper to the floor fabric like a sumptuous sheet, secured into place by Velcro pads.

When the temperature drops, the quilts become more effective when used on the under side of the floor so that they are not compressed which helps keep the wind off while also creating space for a warmer layer of air to build up between the quilt and the floor fabric.

Of course, you could opt for the king of all solutions; the bonkers but incredible, Insulated Cabin. A full room made up from our golden, silky, padded quilt, which attaches in various ways to the other Tentsile products in your armoury, making a space you could bed your children down in when the snow starts to fall. With its’ multiple windows, doors and air vents (each with insect mesh screens) the ventilation the Cabin can offer is almost as good as the hunker-down cosy cabin you want to hide away in.


Alex Shirley-Smith