Amidst all the buzz of Black Friday it’s easy to forget that with purchasing power comes great possibility! Perhaps you’re new to Tentsile and want to treat yourself or a loved one to an early Christmas present. Or perhaps, you’ve already bought a few of our products and are looking to make your Tree Tent set-up even more epic. Either way, it’s never been easier to get the gear you need while giving back to the great outdoors!

This year we’re going greener than ever before. Not only will you save 30% off selected Tree Tents & hammocks thanks to our biggest ever Green Friday Sale you’ll also become part of a movement to help reverse deforestation!

But how, you ask? In this week’s blog we’re looking at how, with your help and the hard of work conservationists worldwide, we can all make Black Friday a little greener …

From Friday, November 23rd onwards we’re upping the environmental ante by increasing our tree planting pledge from 18 trees for every Tree Tent sold to 20! This is all part of our five-year master plan to plant 1 million trees by 2021. So far, we’ve already supported our partners: WeForest, Eden Projects, and Arbor Day Foundation to plant 411,000 trees in Zambia, India, Madagascar, and Oregon. Check up on our progress by following the #BecomeOneOfTheMillion blog series.

However, each and every one of us can always do more to support the amazing conservation work that’s taking place around the world. That’s why this Green Friday not only will we plant 20 trees for every tent sold, we’ll also be donating 2% of our sale proceeds to the Sumatran Orangutan Society’s Rainforest Home Appeal.

Man holding seedling.Sumatran Orangutan Society logo in orange & green.

Photo credit: Andrew Walmsley (@walmswild)

This vital project aims to reclaim and reforest 890 acres of ex-palm oil plantation in order to save the habitat of many critically endangered species who make the Sumatran rainforest their home. So far, the Sumatran Orangutan Society have raised 58% of the funds needed to buy this plot of land and the remainder is due by the end of this month. We need your help to ensure that the catastrophic effects of deforestation that have already devastated large parts of Sumatra and neighbouring Indonesia cannot continue!

This could not come at a more crucial time; half of Sumatra’s forests were destroyed in just 20 years and Indonesia has the fastest deforestation rate in the world.  The proposed area of reforestation is a wildlife conflict hotspot that lies between pristine jungle and farmland and is home to some of the rainforests’ most iconic species; elephants, tigers and orangutans.

Mother & baby orangutan in the jungle

Photo credit: Lucy Radford (@lmradford)

Watch the Rainforest Home Appeal video to discover how some of Sumatra’s most precious animals are being pushed to the edge of extinction, and find out what we can do to bring back the forest.

It’s clear to see what’s happening in this part of the jungle is no storybook tale. Orangutans, tigers and elephants are being made homeless as their forests are destroyed. Don’t let this be the end of their story. With your support, tree by tree, this area can be reforested and these animals can take back the bare necessities that have been stripped from them.

There you have it- a way to make this Friday greener than ever and have a positive impact on reforestation efforts all over the world! Every Tree Tent you buy can make a huge difference! Not only will you help plant 20 trees, you’ll also help the Sumatran Orangutan Society bring back the forests of Sumatra bit by bit. And if you needed yet another reason to take to the trees with Tentsile at the end of the week-Tune into Facebook Live at 6 pm, Friday November 23rd for your chance to win loads of awesome prizes, inc Tree Tents, Accessories & much, much more!

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*The Sumatran Orangutan Society is a UK registered charity (Charity No. 1158711)

Alex Shirley-Smith