We made the #TentsileAdventure series to share all of the amazing adventures and outings the Tentsile Tribe are taking part in, and when we say adventure – we mean it!

 This week, we spoke to a young English couple, as they brave an incredible year-long journey cycling around the world.

 With not much more than their Flite+ Tree Tent, their bikes and a sense of adventure, Oli and Ruth have already seen so much in the first 100 days, with lots more to come. You won’t believe some of these stories, so read on to get inspired for your own #TentsileAdventure…



Hi guys! Please introduce yourselves to the Tentsile Tribe

We’re Oli and Ruth, creators of InTandem Stories, and we are currently in Turkey, 100 days into our 1-year cycling trip! We met in London, and, though we had cycled around the city, had never done a long distance cycle tour before setting off on this adventure. 

Cycling has opened up loads of opportunities that wouldn’t have happened any other way. People see you and are so excited by the bikes, same as with our Tentsile. Even if you can’t speak the same language, everyone can explore and enjoy how it works – it’s really fun to watch locals trying to figure out this strange new floating hammock tent!

When planning your adventure, why did you choose Tentsile?

For this trip we knew we wanted to go slowly and take more gear - we wanted our comforts. We fell in love with the design and sculptural qualities of Tentsile Tree Tents, and the more we learned about the company we also really liked the spirit of fun.

Plus, in keeping with the cycling adventure and trying to have a green and traceless journey, it just felt right. We’re helping to plant trees, leaving zero trace, and seeing the world!

Where has been your favourite spot to camp so far?

Our favourite spot so far has got to be a secluded beach we found in Croatia. We cycled 3km off the road and discovered the perfect trees facing the ocean. Beautiful. We had an amazing nights rest in the Flite+ Tree Tent and when we woke up, we saw 3 dolphins swimming along the coast!

Wow! What do you think are the benefits of using a Tentsile?

The size and comfort really feels like luxury. This is important for us after a hard day cycling. But our absolute favourite part of travel is meeting people, and Tentsile has been so great for this. We’ve met locals of all ages and they all love it. We would not have had the same experience without it.  

Fantastic! For you, what are the possible downsides?

For this cycle tour, weight is so important. The Flite+ is lightweight, but at 3.2kg/7lbs it is possibly one of our heavier items. We think it is worth it for the experience and comfort though. We each carry between 27kg/60lbs and 37kg/80lbs including the weight of our bikes. It’s nice to balance out weight between the paneers, so it’s not so bad - and we enjoy going slowly!

That just leaves the question: would you recommend Tentsile Tree Tents for other people looking to have their own cycle adventure?

If you are a first-time backpacker or cyclist, it is important to know your gear. Use what you are used to. Test and practice as much as you can beforehand. Once you have tried it a few times, the Tentsile is great for a fun, new experience. Especially around the Balkans, we would definitely recommend using a Tentsile Tree Tent!

Great! Thanks so much to Oli & Ruth for sharing their #TentsileAdventure! Good Luck on the rest of their travels through Europe and into Asia.

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