photo credit: SMN Film

Happy World Environment Day!

Today is the day we celebrate the planet and turn our attention to making it a greener, cleaner and healthier place to be. Tentsile is rooted to dreaming of a better future; one where people and nature can exist harmoniously together. So, naturally, on this day we are happy to give World Environment Day the glorious applause it deserves, and most importantly, make plans to see all of our environmental dreams become a reality.
 You know our line: “if we are all hanging out in trees, they can’t be chopped down”- Yes, it is a simple idea from Tentsile founder Alex Shirley-Smith, but also extremely powerful. Can you imagine a world where we all lived closer to nature? A world in which woods and forests are not only respected but enjoyed by all? A living environment where there are so many trees we didn’t have to worry about the question, “what if I can’t find 3 trees?!”


Now, through Tentsile Camp Outs - this world is real.

This summer in California (29th June – 1st July) and Germany (27th – 29th July) you’re all invited to get unplugged, get outdoors, and join the worldwide Tentsile Tribe in the trees! Last year, at our very first official Tree Tent Festivals, we saw more people hanging out in trees than ever before.
Now one year later, we continue to branch out and reconnect with nature in fun, new and exciting ways – offering tree climbing experiences, guided Yoga lessons, SUP on the lake, and a whole lot more – all designed to help you slow down, relax and see the world from a different point of view. Come, take a breath of fresh air, and we’ll take care of the rest – the food, the live music, the accommodation and even the free bar, all included in the ticket price. Getting back to nature has never been easier than with Tentsile Camp Outs.
Plus, rest easy in the knowledge that with our entire camp suspended, there is no need to disturb the natural ground habitat. Tree Tents and the practice of 7 simple Leave No Trace principles means we leave the environment exactly as we find it: beautiful and undisturbed.
For every Tree Tent sold we support the planting of 18 trees around the world, with the help of our tree planting partners. But our tree planting efforts don’t just stop there - for every Camp Out Ticket sold we’ll even plant an extra 3 trees! So simply by joining the party, you’ll be joining a movement to see ONE MILLION Tentsile trees planted in the next 5 years! Find out more in the rest of the #BecomeOneOfTheMillion series.

Camp Outs gives us a look at what the future of camping could be. So, join us this summer and start making the future a little bit greener...