This summer we had a great time hanging out with the international Tentsile Tribe at our Tentsile Camp Outs in California and Germany. Together, we created incredible Tree Tent villages and a record-breaking Tentsile stack! Families and friends of all ages joined us in the trees for a fun-filled weekend. Together we climbed trees, stand-up paddled, relaxed with yoga, and listened to live music by the campfire - all before a perfect night sleeping under the stars in our Tentsile Tree Tents. Paradise! 

If you missed out on this summer’s official Tentsile Camp Outs - don’t worry! Thanks to our Tentsile Experience Camps you still have the chance to experience a night in the trees surrounded by spectacular scenery, all around the world… 

We have created a number of Tentsile Experience Camps located across the globe - a network of travel services and nature retreats offering accommodation and experiential getaways for every adventurer.



These eco-travel packages are designed for the environmentally conscious; run and organized by local people, nature lovers, and sustainable companies.

Each Tentsile Experience Camp is unique – from its surrounding scenery, flora and fauna, to the amenities and activities it has on offer. With Tentsile Experience Camps across Finland, Sweden, Canada, and beyond, there is a camp ready for every adventurer!

Even camps within the same country or climate have their own personality and specialties. While some offer a tailored activity package, perfect for adrenaline-junkies, others simply encourage you to become immersed in the great outdoors, giving you time to focus on your relaxation and well-being.

So whatever your travel desire - find it now at the Tentsile Experience Camps official booking website.


Play. Camp. Explore


Alex Shirley-Smith