Tentsile Experience Camps: The Next Level Of Adventure Travel

Written By Rosie Murphy - July 23 2018


Kyle Rines
August 02 2018

Hello Tentsile, for a long time now I’ve had an eye on your tree house tents. At the moment I have a Blue Ridge Lawson tree hammock, nothing beats being up in the trees or rock where I’m at. I just recently purchased a 3 person Tentsile Trillium triple hammock from amazon for our Gold prospecting tour group called RAD Adventures. We rent out hammocks and have found it hard to set them all up, but with the ability to stack up we are hoping to solve that problem. We run our tour in a rugged area in northern California and unfortunately where we are close to the water we dont have much trees, but alot of vertical granite bedrock In order to set up our hammocks we have to drill in rappelling anchors. We hope by next season we will have a nice Tensile setup for our participants to enjoy.

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