Every day at Tentsile we look for new ways to help protect the Great Outdoors. From recycling waste materials to planting 20 trees worldwide for every Tree Tent we sell - we know it is our responsibility to work for the planet - just as much as we work for our customers.
That’s why we are happy to announce our new membership to the European Outdoor Conservation Association! By joining this esteemed not-for-profit association, we will be able to support even more conservation projects all around the world.

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Who are the EOCA?
The European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) works with one simple idea: “The outdoor industry and the millions of people who enjoy the Great Outdoors are active champions for the conservation of nature and wild places.” With this, the EOCA joins together over 130 Outdoor Brands to support international conservation projects, and protect nature for future generations to enjoy.
How can they help the environment?
Over the last 11 years, the EOCA has funded 94 environmental projects in 44 different countries to the tune of €2.3 million! They have been able to create elephant corridors in India, protected the brown bear in Spain, saved ancient forests in Sweden and cleaned up a mountain in Kyrgyzstan. Not only that, these guys even planted 2 MILLION Trees! This is an inspiring achievement, as Tentsile works towards our own huge tree-planting goals.
How is Tentsile involved?
As of this year, Tentsile will donate an annual fee to the EOCA, with 100% of membership cost going directly to rigorously selected conservation projects. We are excited to learn and grow with this association, so get ready for more exciting environmental news to come!
How can I help?
There are so many ways you can join us in making the world a little bit greener…
Get involved directly through the EOCA website, donate trees here, or, purchase your very own Tentsile Tree Tent to kick-start your tree planting passion!
Alex Shirley-Smith