Have you ever imagined packing up and traveling halfway around the world? Have you dreamed of new experiences and adventures? Well, this young Belgian couple did, and now they’re here to tell us how they’re making these dreams a reality…

First things first, can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

We are Janne (27) and Jorn (26), you can also call us JJ. We fell in love while traveling in Asia and South America two years ago.

Janne: Once back home in Belgium I knew I wanted to explore, to discover, to open all my senses to the world and to do this with someone I loved.

Jorn: So, we decided to quit our jobs to go traveling again around Tasmania, Australia, and New Zealand. We were in for a world of new experiences… 

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That sounds awesome! How does Tentsile fit in?

Traveling can be quite expensive. We’d heard that to keep the budget low you have to go camping - and guess what… we love camping! Plus, Tentsile elevates your adventure, literally. We loved the idea that we would be safe, high up in our Tentsile, away from snakes and any other creatures that might get us in the night - an essential for the wildlife of Tasmania, Australia, and New Zealand! 

So you’ve just started your epic adventure – How has traveling with Tentsile been so far?

We traveled for a month in Tasmania, and still, it was too short to see all of its beauty. They say Tasmania is the little brother of New Zealand: beautiful mountains, amazing national parks, and unbelievable wildlife. So, the perfect place to go hiking and camping in the wild! We were very curious if it would be possible to camp in our Tentsile the whole time. Now we can confidently confirm, Tasmania is perfect for traveling with a Tentsile! Almost all of the campsites had trees suitable for our tent.

That’s great! Where has been your favourite camping spot so far?

Our favourite place to wake up was Wineglass Bay. First, we had an amazing hike to reach this famous bay. During the day there were other tourists to chat to, but after 4'o'clock everyone went back to their hostels and hotels. We had the beach all to ourselves – It was magical! We camped straight on the beach and by dinner we even had wallabies and possums join us! 

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania PC: Freycinet National Park

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania PC: Freycinet National Park
Did you ever have trouble with your Tentsile Tree Tent?

Only once, when we were too close to the coast to find trees. But luckily just 5 km further there was a suitable campsite at the beach.

In the beginning, it’s an adventure to find the right trees, but after a week we were pros and could set up our Tentsile in 10 minutes.

We have a Connect Tree Tent and it’s actually quite roomy for two people. It’s especially perfect if you travel by car just so you don’t need to carry it on your back all the time. Although, we did! We did a three-day hike with the Connect in our bags. Jorn and I simply divided the weight between us.

How is Tentsile camping different to other travel adventures you’ve had?

Curious locals and other travelers come up to us and are very interested to know about the elevated tent in the trees - It’s great. We’ve made lots of new friends because of our Tentsile.

It’s also very different from normal budget accommodation; We make our Connect extra cosy with pillows and a duvet – Yes, we are glamping!


Thanks for sharing your trip! Where can we see more of your adventures?

Check out our travel Instagram: @JJHangingOut

 If you’re planning a trip to Tasmania, Australia, New Zealand or anywhere in the world, we would love to hear from YOU! Get in touch in the comments section below…

That’s our #TentsileAdventure, what’s yours?

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