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As part of our 5-year mission to plant 1 MILLION TREES, we have seen more people taking to the trees than ever before, learned what 1 million trees can do for our planet, and discovered groups and organisations around the world fighting the good fight for reforestation. Our environmental goals don’t just end with planting trees, oh no! We are also dedicated to taking care of the amazing forests that already exist…

April marks the 3rd year anniversary of Tentsile as proud partners of Leave No Trace, an organisation that protects the outdoors by teaching people to enjoy it responsibly. To help you all camp with care, here are the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace with Tentsile Tree Tents:

1. Plan Ahead and Prepare

Contact your park or campground and discuss available campsites and tree health in the area.

*While Tentsile Tree Tents can be set-up on the ground, to minimise impact on the ground environment (and a better night’s sleep!) we recommend finding a camp spot in advance so you can confidently take your camping to the next level. pc: Nick Lake


 2. Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

Visually assess the location for healthy, durable trees that are at least 15 inches in diameter. You shouldn't be able to tell your Tree Tent was there when you leave. Need some extra help? Check out our Visual Tree Assessment Guide, here

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3. Dispose of Waste Properly

    Pack it in, pack it out; including all packaging that may have come with your Tentsile. We’re working to reduce the packaging sent to you - while we take care of this, please take care of the Great Outdoors by disposing of waste properly! Thanks! pc: Tentsile



     4. Leave What You Find

      For zero footprint, use our purpose made No Trace Kit. Plus, by using the official tried and tested Tentsile Straps included with every Tree Tent and Giant Hammock you can help minimise impact on your chosen anchor points. Remember - Do not break off any branches to make space for your Tentsile Tree Tent. pc: LinkedRing Photography


       5. Minimise Campfire Impacts

        If you fancy singing ‘Kumbaya’ by the fire, please use a designated fire pit. Pitch your Tree Tent at a safe distance away from your campfire and put your fire out fully before leaving your site.

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         6. Respect Wildlife

          Do not disturb wildlife and their habitat when choosing your anchor points. After all, it’s their home first!

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           7. Be Considerate of Other Visitors

            Not everyone wants to walk tightropes around camp, please respect your neighbours by keeping all straps within your allocated campsite, and noise to a minimum.

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            So there you have it - By following these 7 simple steps on your next adventure, you can make a difference in the health of the Great Outdoors! For more details, check out Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics website.

            Where will you go this year? Let us know the places of natural beauty you want to visit in the comment section below…