We‘ve heard from hikers, bikers, backpackers and adrenaline junkies all asking one simple question of new gear: how much does it weigh?

At Tentsile, we want to help all of you get outside and explore more. That’s why we developed the lightweight Flite+ and brand new UNA Tree Tents to hang out and adventure like never before!

Don’t believe us? Check out bona-fide jungle man Ed Stafford using the 2-person Flite+ with his 9month old baby in this awesome video straight from the Essequibo River in South America: “it’s a little bit ingenious”…

Now you might not be planning a trip to the jungle, but if you’re looking to pack up and hike out, simply click here to pick up your own lightweight Tree Tent and get to know these Ten Essential Systems of Camping, ready for your next outdoor adventure.

 The very first edition of this list was published in Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills back in 1974. While these essentials have been edited and updated over the past 40 years, here’s some additions when using Tentsile Tree Tents. We’re calling it: 10 Essential Systems for the Future of Camping…

1. Navigation

Topographic map and assorted maps in waterproof container plus a magnetic compass, optional altimeter or GPS receiver.

2. Sun Protection

Sunglasses, sunscreen for lips and skin, hat, clothing for sun protection.

3. Insulation

Hat, gloves, jacket, extra clothing for coldest possible weather during the current season. Plus, add the SkyPad camping mat for extra warmth and comfort when camping in the trees

4. Illumination

Headlamp, flashlight, batteries. LED bulb is preferred to extend battery life.

5. First-aid Supplies

Plus insect repellent and personal medication.

6. Fire

Waterproof matches/lighter/candles 

7. Repair kit and tools

Multi-tool, small knife and duct tape are part of these essentials. For your Tree Tent, we've got you covered with the Tentsile Repair and Replacement Kit

8. Nutrition

Add extra food for one additional day in case of emergencies. Dry food is great to save weight and usually just needs water.

9. Hydration

If you’re relying on natural water sources, check local updates before you leave. Don't forget your water filter or treatment tablets. Add extra 2 liters of water for one additional day in case of any emergency.

10. Shelter

Last but not least, shelter. That’s where we come in! At 2.2kg/5.5lbs for the UNA 1-person Tree Tent (when hand tensioned using only 1 ratchet), and 3.2kg/7lbs for the complete Flite+ Tree Tent set up, these tree tents are ready for any adventure in the trees. 

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Alex Shirley-Smith