Flite 2-Person Tree Tent (3.0)

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The Flite, is Tentsile's 1-2 Person Tree Tent, perfect for hiking, biking, canoeing and wild camping. It packs small and light, bursts to the brim with ingenious practical features and allows you to sleep flat-lay, in cloud-like comfort. Bundle deal offers 40% discount on the Quilt.

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Product Overview

The Flite is Tentsile's lightweight 1-2 Person, hiking and biking Tree Tent. It offer unparalleled cloud-like comfort, bursting with features, versatility and adaptability. With its built-in no-see-um insect mesh enclosure, double layered floor and removable rainfly, this model is perfect for those adventures with a friend where you just want to disappear into the woods and watch the stars come out.

The Flite is our lightest (10.4lbs / 4.7kg) two-person model, ideal for those looking to take their wild camping to the next level. Its lightweight construction makes it the perfect 2-person adventure tent, as it can be set up over any terrain AND on the floor, using the Ground Conversion Kit  (bought separately).

It’s perfect for adventurers, backcountry explorers, thru-hikers, multi-day trekkers, who are heading out in a pair or couple, and want to get a comfortable nights sleep no matter what the terrain, in places no one has ever camped before.

With room for two people, this model meets the needs of lightweight hikers that might not be able to find flat, level ground or who want increased separation from critters and creepy crawlies!

The tensioned double hammock floor, complete with Tentsile's patented anti-roll technology, has an adjustable strap which divides the floor into one or two hammock berths for solo or dual camping. A unique cross-brace pole configuration offers extra headroom for those moments when you need to sit up or take off your shoes! The double layered tensioned floor also provides a place to slip an air mattress so you can stay toasty warm in any season.

Various components of the Flite can easily be split between people to lighten the load, plus the bag style and water resistance means it can be clipped onto the outside of your pack for ease of access when setting up camp, and to leave more room in the inside of your pack.

The light pack weight, storage capabilities and availability of a Predator Camouflage rainfly also make this tent a brilliant option for wildlife photographers, backcountry hunters, or fishers who want to pack a lot of additional gear while also doing their best to remain concealed.

Please note:

  • Only use the product after reading and in accordance with the Flite Product Manual. Deviation from these instructions may result in damage to the tent and/or persons within.
  • For safety reasons, tie a good knot behind the WebLock after it is put under desired tension and before anyone get into the product!
  • It is recommended to retighten the WebLock (and then retie the knot behind the WebLock) before each use (climbing into the tent/ hammock) to ensure full tension, otherwise slippage may occur which could result in the product/tent losing tension and falling that may result in damage to the product and risk of injury.
  • Recommended setup height is 1.2m / 4ft.
  • Minimum tree diameter 30cm/12”.
  • Due to continuous design improvements, details may vary slightly from those stated here.
  • Our Tree Tents and Hammocks are not intended as permanent structures. Each of our products has a UV rating which advises on average number of hours the product can be left out, exposed to sunlight. This can vary depending on climate and altitude. If left out in the sun for prolonged periods of time UV degradation will occur, affecting both the colour and strength of your product. Our best practice advice is to pack away your tree tent or hammock after each use, ensuring it is both clean and dry. Please note, every day your tent is left up unused is a day of use lost.
Key Features

Key features of the Flite 2-Person Hammock Tent:

  • The lightweight, 70D nylon-polyester, double layer floor is reinforced with webbing which not only adds strength to the tent, but creates a separate sleeping bay for each person and prevents you both from rolling to the middle of the tent; a must-have feature for camping with 2 people. The two layers allow an air mattress to be slips in between to stay warm.
  • Our 3-point anchor system creates a tensioned fabric base to sleep on with the perfect amount of "give" to cushion and cradle your body giving you the most comfortable night's sleep you've ever had in a tent or hammock.
  • Designed for 2 adults (and all their gear), the Flite will hold up to 220kg / 485lbs and the base of the tent is rated for 1,500 hours of UV exposure.
  • The Flite is made with a built-in no-see-um insect mesh to protect you from insects and other creepy crawlies, but the two large doors can be rolled back to give an almost fully open hammock experience.
  • The 70D polyester, PU-coated 5000HH rainfly, can be fully removed for fantastic views and summer breezes but when attached, completely encloses the tent and keeps you and everything else inside dry. The rainfly extends outwards from the tent giving you a large, dry area underneath the tent to store gear or act as covered living space.
  • The tent comes with 3 internal storage nets, perfect for holding small personal items and a 2 larger underfloor storage nets ideal for your rucksack or backpack.
  • This tent is rated for 2,500 hours of UV exposure.
Specifications & Sizing
Flite 2-Person Hammock Tent Specifications
Flite 2-Person Hammock Tent Construction
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Product Warranty

Our products are meticulously designed and made to tough it out and provide shelter in some of the world's harshest environments. We are totally proud of the quality and durability of our range and have a guarantee to back it up!

All our Tree Tents and Giant Hammocks come with a 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty for our Ocean, Lightweight, LITE & Classic Ranges, and a 2-year Manufacturer's Warranty for our Safari Range.

If your tent or hammock arrives defective we will repair your product or if necessary, issue a replacement (terms and conditions apply).

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