What’s New About Tentsile’s 5 New Tree Tents?

March 20, 2018 3 min read 5 Comments

What’s New About Tentsile’s 5 New Tree Tents?

To celebrate Tentsile’s 5th birthday, we’ve launched not 1, not 2 but 5 NEW products...

What’s different about these new models? I hear you ask – Well, the answer is, lots! We’ve listened to your feedback to develop additions to the range that covers every treetop adventure you can imagine. More options, more adventures! 

For Hikers, Bikers, Back Packers and Adrenaline Junkies:
Flite+ or the New UNA?

Both of these awesome Tree Tents have been developed with weight in mind -
Carry less and explore more!
However, while the Flite+ can sleep 2 people, the UNA is designed for 1 person to pack up, hike out and enjoy the most comfortable night’s sleep in the trees imaginable. The UNA is our first single-person Tree Tent with removable Rainfly, offering you the chance to explore the outback even further for a whole new level of freedom. Weighing in at just 2.8kg / 6.2 lbs fully packed (and adjustable to reduce weight even further) this single person model is the lightest Tree Tent solution in the world!

Families and Friends:

New Stealth or Stingray? 

The New Stealth and the flagship Stingray Tree Tent both sleep 3 adults for a unique and comfortable night elevated in the trees - So what’s new?
The Stealth now boasts three separate entrances, one on each side of the tent - That means each occupant has their own generous hammock berth, storage space in the central Tower Shelf and ability to modulate ventilation in their area of the interior cabin! 

For Camps and Tree House Lovers:

Tree Tents or New Safari Collection?

While all of our Tree Tents are made to the highest quality for camping and outdoor adventures, the Safari Collection has been uniquely created for those of you that want the most robust and enduring camping tents in the world. Made from the toughest and most UV resistant materials available, these tents can be left up for months at a time, and with good maintenance will last up to five years in the harshest of conditions.
Perfect for more permanent camps, rentals, Airbnbs and festivals, the Safari Collection is made to withstand extreme climates and a high volume of occupant turnover. There is nothing you can throw at these materials that they cannot handle (except fire and knives!). Safari Collection comes in both Stingray 3 person and Connect 2 person sizes.

Hanging Out in The Trees:

New T-Mini Kidz or T-Mini Hammock?

Hang out like never before in one of Tentsile’s Giant Hammocks -no more lumpy, bumpy, wet or muddy ground! Just find 3 strong anchor points and experience comfort on a whole new level. While the T-Mini Double Hammock is the perfect lightweight hang out for hiking and backpacking, the New T-Mini Kidz two-person hammock is a great companion for those with kids and families. No ratchets, no knots; simply thread the webbing straps through the WebLocks and adjuster buckle – Pull to Tighten and Press to Release, Easy! Use the T-Mini Kidz in the garden, at the park or on your next family camp out!
Tentsile Hack: Both Hammocks can also be used as an extra layer beneath the Flite+ or Connect Tree Tents to create a double floor and provide insulation below.

We’ve added these exciting new models to the Tentsile range based on what you, the Tentsile Tribe, have told us. Thanks for an awesome 5 years so far. Here’s to new tree tents, new adventures and loads more to come.

We promise we’ll never stop innovating – so Tentsile wants to hear from you! Let us know your ideas to continue improving Tentsile Tree Tent designs in the comments section below…


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September 30, 2019

Is the tentsile stingray different from the stingray 2.0? I’ve been trying to find something that can describe to me the difference, But no luck. Hope to purchase either today or tomorrow with more info! Thank you.


February 08, 2019

You should make something light that clips on to the bottom of the una or any tree tent that can be used solely for storage. Not like a hammock that needs its own anchors to trees. Something that uses the same anchors as the una but just clips on and creates a space to throw your bag or whatever so it stays off the ground.

Rosie @Tentsile
Rosie @Tentsile

March 26, 2018

Hi Kate – Yes, The central Tower Shelf comes included with every Stealth Tree Tent. Thanks for your storage idea!

and Hello James! Thanks for joining in the Birthday celebrations, we will contact all winners directly. Good Luck!

james hall
james hall

March 24, 2018

Hi I bought tickets for your raffle and as there is no longer information on the website I was wondering will you contact the winners directly? As I don’t use social media.

Kate Hargreaves
Kate Hargreaves

March 21, 2018

is the ‘central Tower Shelf’ included in the Stealth?

LOVE the idea of storage inside the tent!

You could also have storage pockets that hangs down outside of the doors too.

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