photo credit: Nick Lake photography
At Tentsile, we design for play. We love it when we figure out new, fun, and interesting set-ups. From the mega Trilogy 6-Person Super Tree Tent to the lightweight Flite+ Combo, there are so many ways to enjoy camping in the trees!
The most spectacular set-up has got to be the Tentsile Stack.
These are our 5 simple steps to start planning your own…
 STEP 1:
Safety First!
Always read the instructions before use, and keep our recommended height limits in mind when planning your Stack. Images of Tentsile Stacks above 4 feet have been set-up by trained rope and tree climbing professionals. Do not try this at home unless properly qualified and with the correct safety equipment.
Tentsiles, Ready!
For a Tentsile Stack, you’ll need at least one of our Giant Hammocks and a Tree Tent of your choice. Our 2-person Hammock (T-Mini) stacks under the 2-person Tree Tents (Connect or Flite+) and our 3-person Hammock (Trillium) stacks under the 3-person Tree Tents (Stingray or Vista), simple! Plus, the 3-person stack also includes an entry hatch in the centre, to make going up and down levels fun and easy!

photo credit: Carson Davis Brown

To get everything you need to start your Tentsile Stack in just one click, grab one of our awesome Combo Deals.
Find the perfect trees
For any of our Tree Tents and Hammocks, always take care when identifying trees and anchor points for set-up. Avoid young, thin trees, or those with damaged or exposed roots, fungus, dead wood or a thin canopy.
To learn more about the perfect trees for Tentsiles,
Inside the Tentsile Stack
Between each of the layers, we suggest a maximum 2 to 4-foot distance. If your Tentsile Tree Tent and Hammock are both set up with the right tension, there will be about a 1-foot sag. So don’t forget your friends on the level below!
Enclose your shelter for added protection
The Tentsile Stack means more of your friends can hang out in the trees together. To keep every level warm, dry, and free from pesky insects, add the Double Bubble and Tent Wall accessories. The Walls can also double up as windbreakers and extra rain shelters for even bigger camps.  We'll soon have a smaller Double Bubble to fit our 2 person Tree Tents-so stay tuned! 

Still having trouble imagining the epicness of the Tentsile Stack? Check out our record-breaking, massive 7 Tentsile Tree Tent tower* at our US Camp Out. 


*Set up created by qualified tree climbers and rope access specialists – don’t try this at home!

Alex Shirley-Smith