Contrary to popular belief, the best camping can often be found after summer is over; when the leaves start changing colours and the crowds thin out. With fall right around the corner, here are five reasons why the next few months are the best time to rally some friends, load up the car, and discover new places to camp.

1. Fewer people

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As temps get cooler, and we settle back into our 9-5 grind, more people are retreating to their houses than the mountains. With fewer people vying for campsites, you’ll be able to nab that perfect spot that's been booked solid for months. 

2. A canvas of colors

There’s nothing like driving up a windy, wooded road through groves of changing Aspen, Maple, and Sweetgum trees. Fall camping means every road and trail is an explosion of color, and a reminder that change is inevitable -- and beautiful. New England is at the top of everyone’s list as its forests create a palette of vivid autumn colors. With endless options for both developed and primitive camping, there’s no reason not to go.

3. Better hiking temperatures

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Many campgrounds provide trailhead access onsite. Fall is the perfect time to explore the forest paths, as you don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn for bearable temperatures. Pack the water and the snacks and enjoy those cool temperatures. It'll be significantly less strenuous than those sweaty hikes you took over the summer. 

4. Cozier Campfires

In the summer, you're forced to wait out the blistering heat before building your kindling teepee. Once the days get cooler, and the evening temperatures are dropping more rapidly, it’s prime time for that late afternoon campfire. With an earlier campfire, there’s more opportunity for creative coal-cooked dinners, triple-decker s’mores, and enjoying that campfire smell. 

5. Perfect weather for tree tents 

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What's the best place to be when the leaves are changing? Obviously, IN the trees. Fall is perfect for pitching a tree tent and getting cozy for the night. Where will you hang yours this season?
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