3 Reasons We're Thrilled to be in Oregon

Oregon is an undeniably stunning place. From the rocky coast to the moss-covered rainforests, it's a nature lover's dream come true. 

Tentsile was born in the UK, and it's crazy how far we've come since then -- all the way to Bend, Oregon with the opening of our newest store this past June! Oregon is the perfect place to share our love of the outdoors, surrounded by endless camping opportunities in all directions. 

There are so many things to love about Oregon. But here are 3 big ones that will inspire you to get out there and discover your own! 

1. The beaches are all yours. 

Image from The Dyrt user Bjorn S

Did you know that all 362 miles of the Oregon coastline are yours to enjoy? The 1967 Oregon Beach Bill, which celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, designated land from surf to vegetation as private property. You will find jagged cliffs, giant builders, and sweeping sand dunes along the coast. But you won't find private property signs.

You're not allowed to pitch your tent on all 362 miles, but there are some incredible campgrounds with coastal views in Oregon. Not to mention, the Siuslaw National Forest stretches from Reedsport to Newport, where dispersed camping is free to all. 

2. You can travel back in time.

Image from The Dyrt user Eva W. 

The Painted Hills, one of the "7 Wonders of Oregon," are more than just gorgeously colorful. They also tell stories about millions of years gone by. The bands of oranges, reds, and yellows are layers of volcanic sediment which have preserved all kinds of plant and animal fossils. 

Get lost in prehistoric times by camping in the surrounding region and watch the hills change colors as the sun sets. 

3. You can hike around a volcano.

Image from The Dyrt user Natasha R. 

The Timberline Trail is a popular backpacking excursion that takes about 3-4 days. It circles the base of Mt. Hood, but don't be fooled -- there's plenty of elevation gain at the "base" of this volcano. 

Mt. Hood is the tallest peak in Oregon, and the Timberline Trail is a thrilling way to see it from all sides. But there are plenty of shorter hikes around Oregon's favorite snow-covered peak, too. If you're looking to camp in the area, check out Trillium Lake Campground, where the mountain is reflected off of the water -- you'll definitely want a kayak!  

Ready to explore the beaches, desert, volcanoes, or all three? Bring a tree tent for optimal views and comfort while sleeping beneath the stars in Oregon. We'll see you out there! 

September 20, 2017 — Alex Shirley-Smith

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