With great fanfare, trumpets and celebrations- Congratulations Tony on hitting the half-way mark of your challenge! That’s right folks. There are FIVE official Tentsile Experience Camps live and operating around the world!

1. Our very first camp has a special place in Finnish Tony’s heart. Set in Nuuksio, Finland you can’t blame him for being biased! By booking this new 'green hotel' visitors can take a morning swim, kayak or SUP in Lake Pitkäjärvi’s pure waters, then sleep under the bright night sky clear of light pollution. Next year, the team even have plans for a multi-level Tentsile camp! With over 350 visitors already (and just a few weeks left of summer season!) join the Tentsile Tribe and experience nature like never before at Honkalintu...

With few other options to spend a night in a National Park, book your trip at Honkalintu Tentsile Experience Camp, here.

2. Then came Repovesi, Finland- a chance for the Tentsile Tribe to experience the night surrounded by a UNESCO World Heritage Site!  You can lose yourself in a world of walks and climbs, or disappear on a kayak or canoe and explore millennia-old water ways and Stone Age rock paintings from around 5000BC. Tony and his Finland team became experts on campsite protocol and procedures for this one. Lessons learned and Leave No Trace in check, the camp successfully opened its doors at the start of summer, ready for the Tentsile Tribe... Our latest update even reports Northern Lights sightings!

See some of nature's greatest marvels! More info at the Tervarumpu Tentsile Experience Camp website.

3. Perhaps the furthest flung camp (so far!) in Drake Bay, Costa Rica, takes the Tentsile Tribe deep into the rainforest. Camp out with the monkeys and Tapirs at night before hiking, diving, relaxing on the beach and zip-lining through the day! With successful building and development of the Jungle Camp complete, now, as the rainy season sets in, the team are getting excited for 2018, taking bookings now for late January visits!

There’s so much on offer at this exciting Tentsile Experience Camp, so click here to find out more.

4. For an even more private escape Tony then found The Nesta secret island in the Luleå archipelago, off the coast of Northern Sweden. Our guys on the ground say their first guests have been overwhelmed by the island's beauty. Here, you’re free to relax on private beaches and enjoy local fresh cuisine; or, for you adrenaline seekers, try your hand at kayaking, fat biking or fishing. Plus, newest members of the team includes a yoga instructor and sports instructor, for even more fun options! With possibility of access to more islands and winter activities like ice-fishing and snowshoe expeditions, there's lots of exciting stuff happening at The Nest!...

Start your island adventure at The Nest website.

5. The latest addition to the Tentsile Experience Camp team is the Schödel family, at Son Roig in Mallorca. Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this hideout lets you explore rivers and mountains of the sunny Spanish island. Relax with authentic cuisine, a drink on the terrace and sleeping under the stars in the Tentsile Tree Tents. With so much on offer, this picturesque, historic sanctuary has something for every! Micro-brewery, waterfalls, hiking and gorgeous sunsets? Son Roig is waiting...

To escape from the stresses of everyday life, book your stay at Son Roig, Mallorca

Follow the links above for more info on your favourite spots. Our Tentsile Experience Camps are ready and taking bookings for 2018, so where will your next adventure lead? With 5 down and 5 more to go, there is certainly a lot more of the world to experience! 
Comment below to tell us which country you would love a Tentsile Experience Camp…
Alex Shirley-Smith