We’ve brought you National Parks and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Finland, we’ve brought you a private island in Sweden, and even a Costa Rican jungle experience

Today we ask ourselves – What’s going to be different about the next camps? What really is ‘grand’ about the fifth Tentsile Experience Camp Grand Opening?

The bar has been set high for Tony and Son Roig in Mallorca!

 With open arms we welcome the Schödel family to the growing Tentsile Experience Camp team! Mum (Clarissa), Dad (Hans) and their kids (Jonas and Emilia) are the courageous spirits who left behind their Bavarian home for a Tentsile adventure in sunny Mallorca. Uprooting your family and moving to a new country certainly isn’t for the fainthearted!

Together they’ve crafted the Son Roig Tentsile Experience Camp into a refreshing community- one where kids can explore, adults can relax, and Hans and Clarissa can grow old surrounded by friends, family and the amazing Mallorcan scenery… What a life!

The old grain mill, “Son Roig” from the 13th century and it’s incredible 12 acres of land has been carefully renovated: original details remain, while a few modern additions (water/ tip top shower facilities/electricity for starters!) make for great accessibility and comfort. But far from your ordinary holiday hideout, the family now has a number of Tentsile Tree Tents floating throughout the surrounding hills, ready for you, the Tentsile Tribe!

With a range of Tentsiles set up and ready to go, Tony and the Schödels invite you all to experience sleeping between the trees. Whether you’re a group looking to socialise, a couple seeking romantic seclusion or a solo traveller living the nomad life: Son Roig is ready for you. Feel free to even pick your own perfect spot to camp.

Perhaps when you think of Mallorca you think of hot, dry and dusty landscapes? Well Son Roig just so happens to be in its very own oasis! Part of the Serra De Tramuntana Nature Reserve, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to gorgeous scenery from mountains to sea. The family even managed to restore the flowing river and waterfall running through the estate, opening up this precious resource to many locals.

Perfect for a swim and perfect for a pint, Hans has expertly routed this river into Son Roig’s certified micro-brewery (smart man!). So now he welcomes visitors to brew their very own beers too. The home-grown tipple was surely flowing at the recent Grand Opening, where Tony himself went to lend a helping hand…


Authentic local cuisine, home brewed drinks, and – importantly - birthday cake for Emelia were passed around at the long awaited Grand Opening. The youngest Schödel celebrated her 8th birthday with friends, family, and visitors from around the world. The opening night was certainly a long time coming for Tony and the family, marking the end of a long journey of preparation. So - with a drink in hand and a hearty ‘ch­eers!’/ ‘salute!’- it’s time to celebrate the opening of Son Roig Tentsile Experience Camp number 5!

Whether it’s the location, the hosts or the activities on offer, there is something unique in each of our Tentsile Experience Camps. From a trickling stream to a micro-brewery; a cold drink on the terrace to a full Mallorcan feast! Son Roig shows us that even the smallest details together can make for a grand experience…

Still not sure what all the fuss is about? Check out Tony's sneak preview photos direct from Son Roig, Mallorca

Watch this space for our next instalment of #ChallengeTony…

We’ll bring you all of the details to start planning your next getaway, and a chance for Tony to reflect on the highs and lows of the challenge so far. First 5 Tentsile Experience Camps are open! 5 more to go! Perhaps a camp will be coming to you soon...

Rosie Murphy