6 months ago we unveiled #EchoChamberDisruption to the world. Our aim: to disturb the online algorithms that control social media and narrow our newsfeeds. We’ve done this with stories that replace fake news with forestry, and ‘covfefe’ with conservation!  

Read on for our top 8 stories, and follow your favourite for a fresh outlook on the environment to fill your online feed…

1. Agent Green – Fighting Deforestation Using Old Mobile Phones

Definitely one to watch, our covert contact in Romania has been working tirelessly to fight deforestation, and the destruction of habitats in one of Europe’s most ancient forests. How do they do it? Recycled mobile phones of course! Skilled engineering means these adapted solar-powered phones can pick up sounds from chainsaws and lorries out to illegally destroy virgin forests – home to wild animals like bears, wolves and more. (photo credit: Agent Green / Levente Peter)

2. Tackling Deforestation in Zambia

We shared this story not long ago, and it’s still an important one for us. Our man on the ground, James Borrell, has been travelling through Southern Africa feeding us stories from the front line of conservation. Here, James met up with Tentsile’s own tree planting partners, WeForest, for an insightful visit to Zambia to see the smart ways they’re tackling deforestation. (photo credit: James Borrell)

3. Ecosia – Planting Trees by Surfing the Web

Everyone here at Tentsile has switched over to Ecosia - we hope you have too! With over 10,000,000 MILLION trees planted, we’re big fans of this simple but impactful search engine.

4. ARC Amazon - Protecting Peru's Rainforests

The Alliance for Research and Conservation in the Amazon– ‘ARC’ for short – has one simple aim: to bring people to rainforests and share rainforests with the world. This hard-core group is currently camped out in Tentsiles to protect parts of the Peruvian Amazon from illegal logging. (photo credit: ARCAmazon / @pchamxd)

5. WeForest – Bees for Trees

We love getting updates from our tree planting partners WeForest, and this one is no exception! Did you ever think that the fight against deforestation would include the humble bee? Through the harvest and sale of honey, rural families in Zambia can earn a living from healthy flourishing forests - an incentive for local engagement in forest restoration. Plus, bee pollination itself helps the forest regenerate! (photo credit: WeForest)

6. Guarding the Mahajanga Mangroves in Madagascar – EdenProjects

Tentsile is proud to be supporting the reforestation of regions in Madagascar, with our second planting partner, EdenProjects. These guardhouses will help to monitor growth of trees funded by all of YOU, while providing a hub for environmental education for the community. (photo credit: EdenProjects)

7. Mongabay Sharing Environmental Stories

Ok, we admit this one isn’t a story, but Mongabay deserves a spot on this list! This non-profit organisation is (in our humble opinion!), the single best source of conservation news, devoted to raising interest in nature and wildlife. Perfect for our international Tribe, Mongabay even comes in several other languages! (photo credit: Mongabay)

8. Over Fishing in Malawi

Watch out for the next instalment of #EchoChamberDisruption when our resident conservationist/explorer/visionary, James Borrell, tells us about Lake Malawi and how the local campaigners are combatting the over fishing crisis. More on the full story, coming soon...  (photo credit: James Borrell)

When we started #EchoChamberDisruption, our focus was on trees. While combatting deforestation is still at the heart of Tentsile, this journey has opened our eyes to all kinds of inspiring conservation efforts around the world.   

Whether you’re concerned with over fishing, illegal logging, poaching or protecting habitats, we hope you’ve found a story that speaks to you. We’ll do our part to continue bringing you stories from the front line -  one click, one like, that’s all it takes to change the algorithms and crack the echo chamber! Together we can make a difference.






Alex Shirley-Smith
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