I’m sure you remember that back in March we mentioned the possibility of Tony helping to establish a Tentsile Experience Camp in Costa Rica. We wrote of the golden sands and lush green jungles in the Drake Bay area next to Corcovado National Park. Ring any bells? A place often called "the most biologically intense place on Earth in terms of biodiversity", where Tapirs and Jaguars leave fresh footprints outside your camp.

Well, take your hats off to Tentsile Tony and Colorado Greg. Roll out the red carpet. Blow the trumpets. Because it’s arriving, hopefully by the end of June. Beating the odds, they’ve pulled it off! Congratulations, gentlemen. Round of applause! The official Tentsile Experience Camp No.3 is here!

If we go through the list we can see just why: Sanitation, Check! Cooking facilities and showers, check. Leave No Trace, check. Parking, check. Electricity, check! It has it all. Local walks, facilities for children, collaborations with the local community, check, check check! And it has the extra trimmings too – zip line, kayaking, horse-riding, diving, trekking and swimming.

Yes, there are some finishing touches to be made, some final i’s to dot and t’s to cross – there always are - but in essence, it is there. They made it.

So get in touch and start inquiring about how you can have your Tentsile Experience, marveling at the long sunsets over the ocean! We’re here to answer your questions. For more information you can visit the Costa Rica camp website, and get your all-in-one Jungle and Beach Tentsile Experience sorted today.

Well done, Tony. Looking forward to the next chapter in your story - back to Scandinavia, I believe. Waiting to hear more about Tentsile Experience Camp No. 4!


Jethro Shirley-Smith