Eighteen months ago, we started planting trees with WeForest, contributing to The Great Green Wall along the southern border of the Sahara, doing our bit to stop desertification.

Twelve months ago, we started planting trees with The Eden Projects in Madagascar, helping to restore native forests and lift communities out of extreme poverty.

Six months ago, we started the #BecomeOneOfTheMillion campaign to plant one million trees over five years across the globe, starting tree planting initiatives on every continent. With Africa now firmly digging in, the hope was to spread our branches elsewhere around the world.

And now we can finally announce that from this month, we will be planting trees in the USA – yes, the USA - partnering up with Arbor Day Foundation to support the planting of trees in Josephine County Forest, Oregon, to help ‘make our world cleaner and greener’. Good for them! And good for us! For each tent sold in our Bend, Oregon, location, we will make a donation to plant 3 trees. It is a partnership we are proud of. And a partnership that will help us in our mission to plant many, many more trees.

And so the USA joins our world tree-planting map. The momentum builds. And Unicorn for us, we can proudly say that with 108,587 trees planted, we slowly march towards our goal of one million in 5 years!! We’re doing it! We’re actually getting there!! And with your help, nothing should stop us. So join us, get Tentsiling, and help us plant more trees!





Jethro Shirley-Smith