3 Reasons a Tree Tent Will Make This the Best Camping Season Yet

If you’re an avid outdoors person, you’re likely excited camping season is here. What could possibly be better than falling asleep to the sound of crickets and waking to a fresh morning breeze? Well... how about doing it in a tent hanging above the ground? Here are three reasons a treehouse tent will make this your best camping season ever.

1. Sleep better on a truly flat surface.

Stop hunting around the backcountry for a flat spot to put your tent. All you need is three trees and you can string your Tentsile above boulders, streams, or any swath of lumpy ground.

BONUS: We teamed up with the Sleep Outside experts at Klymit to produce the Skypad, a comfortable sleeping pad perfectly designed for use with our tents.

2. Experience your old love in a new way.

Chances are you’ve been camping for a long time if not your whole life. You might have fond childhood memories of family camping trips. And since the beginning, you've either been on the ground or camping in a hammock. Camping in a tree tent transforms your longtime love into an entirely new yet familiar experience!

3. Have more fun!

Let’s face it, sleeping in the trees like a jungle animal is just plain fun. Take the kids or be a kid yourself to engage your playful, creative side. Look down on the forest floor from a whole new angle and revel in the novelty of doing something just for the fun of it. 

June 22, 2017 — Alex Shirley-Smith

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