The Waiting Game

We had a feeling there was a chance of waiting lists by the end of May 2016; the intense amount of media interest (both on and off line), fed by an incredible amount of quality user-generated content, was always going to stretch our production capabilities to the limit. And as the summer season kicked into gear, and as more and more campers all around the world heard about Tentsile for the first time, it happened; orders came in, tents sold out, waiting lists went up. And to all of you who waited patiently for your Tentsile Tree Tent to show up at your front door, thank you for bearing with us – we hope you have now had the pleasure of hanging out in the trees!

To the rest of you who having been waiting to purchase a tent through your local outdoor retailer, we hope that by now you too have received your Tentsiles. Please let us know if you are still waiting, and we will do our very best to help you out before the weather gets too cold.

In light of the demand we experienced this year, we have started the process of moving into larger production premises, and we are very excited about it. Our new facility will boast a wind and rain testing station, fabric and component testing lab, a new Research and Development arena, and the ability to increase production three-fold. This should put us in good stead for 2017. But predicting unit numbers in advance has been notoriously difficult for us and retailers alike...

We are currently running a 6-7 week lead time. Bearing in mind that we are still behind in back orders, and retailer orders have not yet let up, we are doing what we can to get this cleared. Especially so we can be ready and prepared to have stock organised and waiting for the Holiday Season – nobody wants long waiting times for presents! It may be wise to add at this point that if the waiting lists do persist, you can be sure it is for all the right reasons: no shortcuts taken, no sweatshop hours, no unethical practices. The quality of the Tentsile product and brand will not be compromised for the quick buck, we can assure you that!

In the meantime, please do continue conversing with us via email and all our social media platforms if you have any queries, don't be shy to post your photos and Summer experiences on our FB, IG, Twitter or Community Pages, and we will continue doing what we do best - getting you off the hard ground and comfortably into the trees....

September 20, 2016 — Alex Shirley-Smith

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