Our bundles, or ‘Stacks’ as we like to call them, give you a multi-level set up ready for action straight out the bag, and a great discount too. Everything you need to create an awesome multi-purpose and portable treehouse fitting into two easy to pack and easy to carry bags, ready for adventure whenever you need them!

Our Stacks are built around the Tree Tent of your choice and available to choose between Classic Stacks or Ground Stacks to suit your adventure as needed. Each option comes with vital accessories to help you get the most out of your set-up as well as a nice discount to help you get up into the trees for less.


Classic Stacks

Our Classic Stacks are where the idea of a multi-level Tentsile set-up all began. Taking one of our Tree Tents and pitching it above its corresponding Giant Hammock, you create a camp that still only requires three trees and with the same footprint size, but has twice the potential sleeping capacity, and twice the storage space as the Tree Tent alone. Classic Stacks also include a Double Bubble Insect Mesh to seal your set-up from beasties!

This is also a great option for those looking to buy both a Tree Tent and Hammock to pitch separately around the camp or use at different times, for example using the tent when on a camping trip and the hammock at home in the backyard. Buying your tent and hammock in a bundle will save you more money than buying the individual items separately.



Ground Stacks

Ground stacks are a combination of a Tree Tent of your choice, matched with the corresponding Ground Conversion Kit, and linked together with a Double Bubble Insect Mesh. These setups are great for expanding your camp, allowing additional campers to sleep protected below the tent, for adding additional dry utility and storage room to your set-up, or for guaranteeing your ability to comfortably pitch your tent, even when there are no trees in sight.

Our Ground Stacks Pitch at the same height as a standalone Tree Tent, so if you’re concerned about the higher up pitches that come with a Classic Stack but still wants to double the capacity of your tent, these are a great option!

Ian Smith