A good hammock bug net can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and a night full of heat and frustration. On hot nights, many campers prefer to sleep outdoors. A hammock is a perfect way to enjoy a hot summer’s night outside. But what about the plague of insects that are buzzing about during the warmer summer months, especially during dusk and dawn? We think a hammock bug net should be an essential piece to any hammock-ers supply pouch. Turns out, these nets are not only to keep the bugs out. Here’s what we mean.

Keeping Out ALL Critters

Insect Mesh for Hammock Tent

A hammock bug net does not discriminate. First and foremost, these things will keep out the flying blood-suckers we’re most concerned about. But it doesn’t stop there. They will also keep out spiders, bees, flies, and all the other creepy-crawlers as well.

Dangers of Bug Bites

Bug bites can range anywhere from an annoying nuisance to allergic reactions and even cause trips to the hospital! For the best camping experience, make sure you limit your exposure to this frustrating hazard. Not only will you enjoy a more comfortable camping experience, but you'll also enjoy a better nights sleep, especially in warmer climates where insects are more prevalent. 

You know what else they’ll keep out—snakes! That’s right! How many stories have you heard where a snake is found slithering around a camper’s sleeping space after leaving things unzipped just a tiny bit? Our guess is at least once. These things happen, and it’s among the reasons to keep a good net hooked up to your sleeping hammock at all times—no matter the season!

Types of Bug Net

Fixed bug net/built in

Some hammocks are equipped with a fixed, built-in bug net. These are useful for warmer climates, where insects are common year around. Built in bug nets are normally sewn into the main hammock fabric, and cannot be removed. Tentsile Tree Tents all include a built-in bug net layer. This built in feature is great for hanging out or sleeping with the rainfly off, but still receiving that extra protection from insects! 

Modular bug nets

Modular bug nets offer a removable bug net solution. These are often attached via clip, zip or Velcro. Our Double Bubble Insect Mesh attaches beneath a Tree Tent or Giant Hammock to create a bug-free hangout area or storage space. It can even be used as part of a camping stack to offer insect protection across a multi-level camping set up.

Other benefits of hammocking with a bug net

Enjoy The Views

Double Hammock Tentsile T-Mini

Campers may argue: “Why not just blow off a hammock for an enclosed tree tent?” Truth is, tree tents and hammocks are really trending right now. That’s because they allow campers to elevate their camping experience, and to catch glorious views of their surroundings that you’d never see from the ground. By settling for a traditional ground tent, and being enclosed in a polyester shell, you’ve officially lost the views around you—the natural beauty, gone! Keeping the view and enjoying your surroundings is one reason why you should go camping with a hammock or tree tent, equipped with a hammock bug net.

Maintain Airflow During Hot Weather

No one wants to have to choose between remaining hot and bothered but insect free, or getting some fresh air to your skin but giving free rein to the bugs to bite you all night long. On one hand, you want to keep the creepy crawlies out, but on the other, you’re dying to unzip your sleeping space to catch a cool breeze.

Hooking your tent up with a hammock bug net means you won’t have to succumb to using a tent. Being roasted in a polyester tent is a decidedly less fun camping option during warm weather trips. So, beat the heat and get a hammock bug net—our Large Double-Bubble Insect Mesh is the perfect option to stay cool and bug-free all night!

Feeling Less “Exposed”

Let’s face it, sleeping out on a hammock can feel a bit intimidating for some. For those people, they may say it’s similar to the feeling of sleeping without a blanket. Why do we love sleeping with a blanket, even when it’s hot? We’re drawn toward that sense of safety and security while sleeping. In the same way, sleeping with an insect mesh can really counter the feeling of exposure on a warm summer evening. A quick fix to ease a skittish camper’s mind.

Keeping Close to Fellow Campers

So, we already talked about how bug nets allow us to enjoy the views around us while hanging among the trees. Now let’s consider how they also keep us more engaged with your group of fellow campers. One of the great benefits of hammock camping is getting to enjoy it with friends and family. Hanging a bunch of hammocks around a campsite all within view of each other is makes it even more of a shared experience. Whether it be on a tree tent or hammock, a bug net is a good way to keep the bugs out without fully covering things up and cutting off the outside world. With a hammock bug net, you’ll be comfortable while staying in good company!

Double bubble insect camping mesh

Ryan W