Sleeping under the stars, in a hammock, sounds like a remarkable outdoor dream—and that it is. Well, at least it can be. Truth is, many campers hike out with hammocks and nice, light packs with the expectation of falling soundly asleep to the relaxing sound of crickets. While the nature soundtrack part is guaranteed, many campers aren’t falling asleep (and staying asleep) in their hammocks as easily as they’d like to. Why?

Because, unfortunately, many campers don’t practice lifestyle choices that lead to good sleep. Sleeping in a hammock comfortably is a matter of having positive sleep habits and being well prepared with the right gear and accessories. These tips will have you sleeping like a baby on your next camping trip.

Set Up Camp Early 

Tips for Sleeping in a Hammock

This one takes just a little bit of extra willpower. After a day of hiking, as soon as you reach your campsite, start setting up camp right away. Your goal should be to set up camp well before dusk.

If you have a planned camping destination in mind, embark early to make sure you arrive there early. Setting up camp early gives your body and mind plenty of time to wind down from the day’s exercise and relax into the evening. Furthermore, setting up camp early means cooking and eating dinner earlier. Having dinner early means going to sleep after your body has had the chance to digest. This simple timing change can definitely lead to an easier time falling and staying asleep.

Turn Off Electronics At Dusk

When night begins to roll in and dim the forest (or wherever you’ve trekked to), try turning off cell phones until the morning. Doing so triggers “sleep hormones” such as melatonin to release in the brain. Further, these sleepy hormones are likely to be more prominent in the outdoors away from city lights, televisions, and even lights from inside homes. Lamps and natural light from fires are excluded from this practice. This tip will help you embrace the nature around you and prepare your body for a better night of sleep.

Essential Hammock Gear For Sound Sleep

Hammock Gear - Air Mattress for Hammock

We consider some of our hammock accessories as absolutely essential for optimal comfort. Our Small Double-Bubble Insect Mesh, for example, is a necessity for those warm summer nights when the bugs are out and relentlessly active. The insect mesh is compatible with our hammocks, including our T-Mini 2-Person Double Hammock.

Also, many campers sleeping in a hammock love our Sky-Pad Air Mattress. This inflatable mattress is very lightweight and has plenty of grip and traction. This is a key feature, which ensures the pad won’t be sliding around in your hammock while you sleep. It also contains thermal insulation for warmth and can be used in nearly all of our hammocks and tree tents!

Stretch Your Body Before Climbing Into Your Hammock For Sleep

For many campers, it’s entirely possible to get a good night of shuteye while out in the woods. But many inevitably feel neck and/or back pain upon waking. Stretching before sleeping in a hammock can prepare the body for lying flexibly in whatever positions make campers comfortable. A final quick tip to help you improve your evenings under the stars.

Ryan W