By now, you may have seen at least a couple of attractive photos of indoor hammocks swarming the internet. It’s completely possible to recreate the scene with your hammock and even with a tree tent. This article will further introduce you to the idea of hanging a hammock indoors, what’s required of your indoor abode to make it work, how to go about the set-up, and finally, some safety tips to keep in mind while pursuing this unique approach of enjoying a hammock. Stay tuned to learn how to hang a hammock indoors!

Finding the Right Spot in the House  

Hanging a Hammock Indoors - Tentsile

Ok, we’ll admit right off the bat: not every home is the best fit for hanging a hammock indoors. There are some prerequisites involved, most of which are pretty essential for making this happen. Most hammock enthusiasts venturing to learn how to hang a hammock indoors prefer a set-up that’s high up. To meet this end, a two-story home or home with very high ceilings is much preferred. Pillars are also preferred and make for excellent anchor points similar to trees in the outdoors.

If you’re only trying to set up a 1-person hammock, then, of course, you’ll only be needing a couple of anchor points. But for something larger like a tree tent or a multi-person hammock, you will, of course, be needing 3 anchor points.

How To Hang a Hammock Inside - Tentsile

If your house is without strong pillars, yet you’re still wondering how to hang a hammock indoors: don't fret, there is still a way you can pull it off. Just follow these tips. Remember to double-check all of your work to ensure it's safe. The last thing you want is for your hammock to come undone—or worse—to come undone and to pull your anchor points straight out of the wall.

  1. Obtain some stainless steel screw eyes that can be securely installed into your walls. 
  2. Find a relatively open space in the house between two walls (3 if hanging larger hammock). Use a measuring tape to make sure the distance between the walls is efficient for hanging your hammock of choice. If the walls happen to be too far apart, try using some s-hooks and chains to lengthen out your hammock.
  3. Using a 5/16 drill bit, make holes in the wall where you plan to inject your screw eyes. Implant screw eyes very tightly.
  4. Use the eyes as anchor points and set up your hammock as usual.

Safety While Setting Up and Using Your Hammock or Tree Tent 

Hanging a Hammock Indoors - Tentsile

It should come as no surprise that this hanging-hammocks-and-tree-tents-indoors business can be dangerous if not done efficiently and correctly. Here are some safety tips we suggest you keep in mind before beginning set-up. 

  • If you’re setting up the hammock above where people will be walking, only use anchor points you absolutely trust. 
  • Don’t test the hammock set-up when people are walking underneath it. 
  • If you’re hanging your hammock in a two-story home high up near the ceiling, use a lightweight webbing ladder to gain access to the inside of the tent. Never attempt to enter the tent via an upstairs ledge.
  • Only allow children to access the tent if you’re absolutely confident of the set-up and entrance method. 

There you have it!

Enjoy your indoor “camping” experience!

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