Hammocks are known and loved the world over, thanks to their comfort, portability, and the flexibility to let you sleep outside. But what about their versatility? Are hammocks only good for slinging up outside, between two trees? No way, they're capable of so much more.

Adaptability is certainly one of the key traits that make hammocks desirable. It's also one of the main reasons why so many outdoor enthusiasts try to keep a hammock in their backpack at all times. With a little creativity, you'll realize that these sleeping slings are way more versatile than they may first appear. So, here are just 3 of the many great ways you can set up a hammock.

1. How to Set Up a Hammock or Tree Tent for Sleeping

Best ways to set up a hammock - for sleeping

Sleeping is high on the list of reasons to purchase and pack a hammock in your weekender backpack. So what’s the ultimate sleep setup for that perfect night of outdoor shuteye? Here are some essential tips to follow.

  • Find the right sized trees with adequate space between them. Assuming you’re on a camping trip and plan to sleep in your hammock, it’s a good idea to find trees that are the proper size and with the proper space between them. Depending on your hammock, this will ensure you have plenty of space to adjust the slack of the hammock to your liking. 
  • Next, try to sleep far away from the campfire. Why? Consider what the fire is like at the end of the night. It’s almost gone, leaving a trail of smoke that could interfere with your comfort and supply of fresh air.
  • If it’s a Solo 1-Person Mesh Hammock you’re using, note the mesh is very breathable and ideal for warm summer nights. For colder nights, it’s advisable to have the Sky-Pad Air Mattress on hand. This thing makes for the best hammock sleep ever and has warming, thermal insulation. 

2. How to Set Up a Hammock for Lounging with Friends 

Best ways to set up a hammock with friends

Have you ever seen a Tentsile stack? It’s basically an outdoor vertical fort that looks just as exciting to a grown adult as it does to a 5-year-old. These stacks usually include multiple giant hammocks that can accommodate the sleepy legs of multiple hikers at a time. 

Setting up these bigger hammocks requires 3 trees of both adequate sizes and distances apart. To ensure a level hammock, make sure the tree-wraps (which should always be used to protect our tree friends) are level with each other. This might mean putting some tree-wraps higher or lower depending on the differing levels of each tree.

Multi-person hammocks are great for setting up over water, near overlooks, or even at camp for multi-person lounging and activities.

3. How to Set Up a Hammock or Tree Tent in the Backyard

Best way to set up a hammock in your backyard

You can set up a hammock in your own backyard using 3 trees. This is a great option for families keen on backyard naps and even backyard camping during parties and gatherings. It’s advisable for more permanent setups to go under patio covers or canopies.

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