A super versatile, colorful, and comfortable adventure hammock is a great addition to your camping kit. For some, a hammock beats sleeping in a tent and is a lighter and more convenient backpacking shelter option. When choosing the best hammock for your outdoor adventure, you’ll want to consider how you want to use it, how many people you want to pack into it, and what accessory options you’d like to have available.

When choosing the best hammock, consider the following factors: 
  • Size - The biggest choice you’ll have is between single and double hammocks. Many people choose a double for the extra room, not necessarily because they want to share the space. Extra roomy hammocks are also available and can fit anywhere from three to six people and even more if they’re small.
  • Weight - Weight is only a concern if you’re looking for a backpacking hammock. In that case, you’ll want to go with the lightest and most compact hammock you can find. When it comes to a car camping or backyard chilling, durability and comfort will matter most.
    • Purpose - When choosing the best hammock for you, you’ll want to consider how you plan to use it the most. If you’re looking for a hammock to take with you everywhere like the park, the beach, and backyard BBQs, look for a compact hammock that is easy to setup. If you’re looking for a hammock to sleep in, look for a hammock with 3 anchor points to make a cozy sleeping bay and an optional rainfly and insect mesh for added protection from the elements. If you’re looking for a camping hammock for the whole family, the bigger then better.
    • Accessories - Look for hammocks that include a straightforward suspension system for easy setup. Many hammocks include hammock straps and tree protector straps, but some brands require you to purchase these items separately. A variety of hammock accessories are available from rain tarps and bug netting to drink holders, ladders, air mattresses, and pillows. Most hammock accessories will work with all brands of hammocks, but you’ll want to check the product description just to make sure.

    Best Hammock Choices For All Situations

    Lightweight Solo Hammock

    Best Hammock for 1-person

    The Tentsile Solo 1-Person Hammock is a great warm-weather option for solo adventures. The Solo’s mesh design is breathable so it will keep you cooler than sleeping on the ground during hot summer nights. It’s very lightweight so it’s ideal for backpacking, plus its easy setup makes it a great go-to for parks, picnics, and backyard events.


    Cozy Double Hammock

    Best Double Hammock for 2-People

    Tentsile’s T-Mini 2-Person Double Hammock is the best option for couples. Unlike a traditional hammock, the T-Mini features separate sleeping bays so you have your own space and don’t end up squished together tightly. The T-Mini uses a unique 3-point anchor system so it remains taut with very little sag. It’s also lightweight making it a great option for backpacking and bike touring adventures.


    Family Size Hammocks 

    6-Person Hammock

    Tentsile’s unique products combine the fun of camping hammocks with the protection of a traditional tent. They’re like portable treehouses. And believe it or not, Tentsile offers a wide variety of sizes including the 3-person Trillium and Trillium XL 6-person hammock that can fit the whole family! They’re guaranteed to create a special camping experience and will keep kids entertained for hours not to mention providing unlimited photo opportunities.

    Ryan W