Tentsile Hammocks vs. Traditional Hammocks

Traditional hammocks can be set up almost anywhere and offer levels of versatility that is be hard to match with a conventional tent. However, traditionally hammocks force you to sleep on your back with little elbow space. Thanks to the sag, is also very difficult to share a hammock, making it a pretty solitary experience.

Tentsile hammocks are suspended between 3 anchor points, giving them a third dimension and allowing freedom of movement inside a structure which has a huge tensioned fabric floor. Using simple ratchets to create an incredibly comfortable surface on which to chill and sleep on your back, front or sideways!

Our hammocks are reinforced with seat-belt webbing providing a structurally supportive floor that does not sag like a traditional hammock. All the straps are fully adjustable to compensate for weight differentials of the occupants and create distinct, individual sleeping bays, preventing everyone inside from rolling into the middle.

Rated to hold 880lbs / 400kg, our bigger units can cope with more than enough weight of most groups and their gear, for every conceivable type of adventure.

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Tentsile Tree Tents vs. Standard Hammock Tents

We've already outlined why Tentsiles are more comfortable than traditional hammocks and the same reasons apply to camping hammock tents.

Most camping hammocks come with an insect mesh and rainfly but in the end, you’ll be alone, your back will ache from being forced into a single sleeping position and you’ll have little to move around.

Tentsile Tree Tents give you all the positive experiences you just can’t get in a hammock tent; space to move, space for gear, space for friends to share the experience with and all that glorious ground area under the tent and massive rain fly.

Aside from the UNA 1-Person Tree Tent (designed for solo adventurers), all our tents and hammocks can accommodate 2 or more adults, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy the Great Outdoors in an amazing new way, suspended like a cloud in pure comfort, floating above the forest floor.

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