UNA Tree Tent & Hammock Bundle

Buy an UNA 1-Person Tree Tent and get a T-Mini Double 2-Person Hammock half price*

This lightweight 1-person model comes with full insect protection and a removable rainfly in a choice of multiple colours. The UNA offers you a whole new level of versatility, comfort and connection with the outdoors and is perfect for hikers and backpackers. You can carry less weight, walk further, and get the most comfortable night’s sleep imaginable.

Alongside the UNA, you'll get the T-Mini two-person hammock floor which can be split from the main camp or used as a double floor for storage or to hold insulation underneath your Tree Tent.

Perfect for any solo camping trip or with up to three friends! The kids will love it too.


  • UNA 1-Person Tree Tent
  • T-Mini 2-Person Hammock

*Compared to buying individually at standard retail price.

Featured In

 "The Tentsile UNA Tree Tent combines the best of the tent world and hammock world. The three-point attachment creates a comfortable space inside that will feel like home immediately."

“Ultimately it offers a really unique and fun way to spend a night in the wilderness.”