Connect Ground Stack (3.0)

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The Connect Ground Stack allows you to make use of the ground underneath your tent, turning it into a living room, storage area, or extra sleeping space. This bundle gives you more space to enjoy your camp, with a 20% discount off the price of all the items included in this deal! 

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Product Overview

With the inclusion of the Ground Conversion Kit, Double-Bubble Insect Mesh and Tent Walls, the Ground Stack adds an additional protected area at ground level. This doubles the set ups' capacity, giving plenty of space for sleeping up to 4 adults.

The Connect is certainly one of the most versatile 2-person tents ever. It allows you and a partner to experience the great outdoors like never before and camp in places that have never been camped in before! Hillsides, mountains, streams, and with increased separation from cold water-logged ground, insects and other creepies.

The taut base is reinforced with seatbelt webbing straps, to create separate sleeping bays for each person and  preventing you both from rolling to the middle of the tent - even if one person is heavier than the other. Adjustable, for those that DO want to roll into the middle..

The Connect Ground Stack allows you to share your Tentsile experience with a more people by using a Ground Conversion Kit and a Double-Bubble Insect Mesh. This doubles the sleeping capacity from 2 to 4, making camping off the ground, with your family or a small group of friends so much fun! 

Alternatively, the ground level can serve as a living room or additional storage area for your gear.

Specifications & Sizing

Total Weight: 15.2kg / 33.5lbs

Approximate Set Up Time: 25-40 Minutes

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What's in the box
Connect Ground Stack includes:
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