After the restrictions of 2020 and the far reaching implications of COVID-19 that have changed the way we socialise, spend our free time and how we travel, you may have got a new taste for adventure and outdoor living or it may have encouraged you to push yourself out of your comfort zone or to try new challenges. Perhaps you’re a keen camper in the spring and summer but this year you are also considering venturing out in the autumn and winter months to try some winter camping.

In this blog, we’ll give you a breakdown of which camping hammocks might fit the bill for your camping trip, no matter what time of year.

Flite Tree tent 

In this guide:

Why choose a camping hammock?

We’ll explain why a camping hammock or Tree Tent trumps a ground tent any time of the year.

Camping hammocks for spring/summer

We’ll look at which camping hammocks and Tree Tents are best suited to this time of year and advise you on the right kit to make your vacations unforgettable.

Camping hammocks for autumn/winter

Camping may come with extra challenges in the cooler months such as wetter ground, winds and keeping warm. We’ll identify the key qualities to look for in a camping hammock or Tree Tent. Like they say, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.

Three season or Four-season camping hammocks

The beauty of hammock camping is versatility and ease of set up, which is particularly important when wild camping. We’ll look at just how flexible hammocks and Tree Tents can be and the options for year-round camping.


Why choose a camping hammock?

The first time you sleep on a suspension system floating above ground it’s thrilling. It’s also super comfortable as you don’t have to contend with bumpy, hard and uneven ground. You can vary your set up to sleep in the open air, or have a bug net to protect you from creepy crawlies so you can still have a view of the stars and your surroundings. Or, for full coverage, you can set up with a rainfly to complete the Tree Tent.

Multiple occupancy Tentsiles all have separate sleeping bays divided by a webbing strap so you won’t roll into the middle and the 3-point anchor system creates a taut flat base so you can properly stretch out. There is even room for the rest of your gear, handy storage pockets and sheltered ground beneath your tent floor.

A camping hammock will give you many more options of where to camp and it will take approximately 15 minutes to set up depending on the model. With a Tentsile 3-point anchor system hammock or Tree Tent, all you will need is 3 trees, all the equipment is included in the bag.

And, if that’s not enough to convince you… they look awesome!


Camping hammocks for spring/summer

When you have guaranteed great weather any of the Tentsile hammock range are ideal for lounging or sleeping or for children to play on.

The T-mini double hammock is perfects for couples or for the solo camper who wants more space to themselves!

The 3-person Trillium hammock can comfortably fit 3 adults or 6 children and will fit under the Stingray or any 3 person Tree Tent to create a stack.

You can go even bigger with the Trillium XL 6-person giant hammock which can take a load of 1200lbs. A great choice for a group of friends looking for a unique outdoor lounging space. 

However, you may also need to consider insect visitors and intermittent rain showers in spring and harsh UV rays in the summer.

To protect from insects, any of the Tentsile Tree Tents will do the job as they are all fitted with insect mesh and come with a rainfly which can be put on when it rains.

The Tentsile Safari models are our most durable range made from the toughest materials available rated for 3,500 hours of UV exposure, perfect for extreme heat. They can also be left up for long periods as a semi-permanent structures, ideal for backyard basecamps.



Camping hammocks for autumn/winter

You might have a few extra things to carry in the cooler months to make sure you stay warm. To keep your pack light, consider the ultralight UNA 1-person Tree Tent at just 3.13lbs and the Flite 2-person Tree Tent at 9.5lbs. However, if you want more space inside the tent then the Connect Tree Tent will sleep two people with a little extra room for that extra gear and can take a maximum load of 880lbs. The Stingray 3-person Tree Tent will fit one more adult or a young family of four with the same load weight. The Safari range are the most enduring of Tree Tents, they are heavier, made with thicker material and are built to withstand the most extreme climates.   

We would recommend a sleeping pad such as the SkyPad inflatable mattress when winter camping to insulate you from the cold air flow underneath the tent. This mattress will slot into any Tentsile Tree Tents and hammock to hold it in place. Hammock underquilts are also available on the market and these will stop the cold air getting underneath your hammock but they can be bulky and may take up as much room as a sleeping bag. Don’t forget to pack layers and a sleeping bag to keep you warm and cosy when the temperatures drop.

Safari Vista Tree Tent


Three-season or Four-season camping hammocks

If you want versatility then the Safari Vista 3-person 3-in-1 Tree Tent can be used as a hammock, a hammock with a roof, or a complete Tree Tent with rainfly and insect mesh, ideal for family outings and camping trips in Spring through Autumn.

The Stealth, like the Vista, uses a Trillium 3-person hammock as its base and can be used as a hammock or a Tree Tent. Alternatively a Roof Kit can be added to the Trillium to convert it into Stealth to the same affect.

Stealth Tree Tent

If you want a camping hammock for use all year round then Tentsile have a whole range of camping hammocks and Tree Tents from 1-person up to 3-person options. Tree Tents come with rainflies ranging from 1,500 to 5000HH and our super strength Safari range products have a waterproof rating of 8000HH so they will keep you dry in a downpour. 

Tentsile’s modular design means it is possible to stack Tree Tents and hammocks to accommodate more people. By adding a double bubble insect mesh and tent walls it’s possible to create a fully weather-proof and insect-proof bedroom. You can be as creative as you want in building your epic treehouse and unforgettable outdoor adventure.

Check out the Tentsile Product Comparison: Which Tent is Right for me? For a quick at-a-glance guide to help you select which hammock or Tree Tent is best fit for you and your tribe.

Hannah Hughes