A camping hammock provides the ultimate portable and lightweight camping set-up. With a few additional extras you can turn your basecamp into the ultimate portable travel hammock, perfect for a nomadic camping trip pitching quickly and easily in a new location every night.

Whether your building the ultimate lightweight hammock set-up to deploy in a pinch on a hiking trip, or a luxury glamping parachute hammock basecamp that the whole family can live in for extended periods of time, accessorizing your adventure is the best way to maximize your experience, and cultivate it to your exact needs.

Hammock Stands

Unsure of the environment you might be camping in, or what landscape and local flora you might find while on the road? For those on a car camping adventure a portable stand is a must have luxury item to make sure that no matter where you stop to lay your head.

With a portable hammock stand you have perfect angles to set-up your travel hammock every time. Without the hassle of having to find suitable trees or locations to pitch you can simply set-up the stand and attach your hammock straps, nylon hammock, and tarp, ready to get a good night’s sleep!

A hammock stand isn’t just useful for car camping, but can also be used once you arrive back home after your road trip or adventure, giving your camping hammock or hammock camping set-up a new lease of life as a garden hangout or kids portable tree-house.

Roof Kits

One of the most game changing pieces of kit you can add to your standard travel hammock is a roof kit. Available in two or four season variations, both options add a waterproof tarp to keep you dry in showers or downpours, and a mosquito net to keep any nasty critters out of your sleeping area.

Packing into a simple stuff sack, the roof kit is a great option when hiking as you can’t always guarantee the conditions you’re going to encounter, be it rain or mosquitos. It’s simple to add to your lightweight hammock and can be used as a modular addition to your basecamp. Unlike traditional hammock tarps, with Tentsile roof kits no additional ropes are needed to hang the tarp, as they are fitted to the camping hammock and simply need to be draped over the included pole and pegged out with the attached guylines.

Two-Season: The Two-Season Roof Kit option adds a fully enclosed bug net to keep your time inside the shelter mosquito free, while also adding a waterproof tarp that’s perfect for avoiding light showers and adding some shade to your camp. For this reason it’s a great addition for warm climate and summer camping where there’s low risk of rain and a benefit to have an escape from hot summer rays. If you’re hiking and setting up a basecamp then the quick pitch time of a hammock with mosquito net and waterproof tarp will be a welcoming option for mid-day breaks to get out of the sun and relax, especially on trails with a few more insect visitors than previously expected. The two-season option also saves on size and weight so a better option for those looking to keep their pack light.

Four-Season: A Four-Season Roof Kit combines a fully enclosed mosquito net with a four season fully covered rainfly tarp so you’ll have no unwanted guests and stay nice and dry even in the heaviest of storms. In this option to save weight a single pole construction is used, meaning that pitching is a breeze and any unfortunate trail accidents can be easily repaired with a simple piece of duct tape or single pole section.

The four-season rainfly will be a lifeline when you get caught out in unfortunate weather when far from the nearest town, allowing you to guarantee both your gear and yourself will be dry and safe, ready to get back on the trail when the rain passes.

Hatch Covers

Our three person camping hammocks have central hatches for ease of access, and while they’re covered and sealed from any insects, they can let cold drafts in from time to time when there’s particularly strong under-breeze. To combat this we developed the Hatch Cover, a perfectly fitted, windproof, fabric accessory that covers the hatch in the middle of the nylon hammock to make sure your sleep isn’t interrupted by the wind.

Having a few friends in the hammock for a beer? We’ve even got a hatch cover with an in-built drinks holder! The Drinks Holder is also a great option for campers who get thirsty during the night, allowing them to store their water canteen in the center of the tent for easy midnight hydration access.

What’s more, no carabiners, ropes, or additional stuff sack is needed to use these products. Simply fasten them down to the already installed Velcro fastened to your nylon hammock, and you’re good to go, they even fit into your current camping hammock’s stuff sack!

Insect Covers

The Double Bubble Insect Mesh is perfect for taking your current elevated basecamp to the next level (no pun intended). The set up requires no additional carabiners or ropes and fastens directly onto your camping hammocks existing fixings.

The first huge benefit of an insect mesh is it doubles the sleeping capacity of your existing camping hammock by sealing in the same sized footprint from any insects. Secondly it can be used as a gear storage unit to keep the area below your travel hammock free from animals and other critters who might be eyeing up your breakfast (the use of a bear box or hanging your food away from your campsite should still be used when staying in bear country).

Combine the Double Bubble with a camping tarp, rainfly or Roof Kit or Tent Walls to create additional waterproofed ground which with a little know how can provide a four season campsite akin to a glamping set-up, even when on a hiking or backpacking trip!

Ian Smith