One of the main benefits of a camping hammock is portability and the freedom to roam without carrying a huge amount of kit. Regular hammock and Tree Tent campers enjoy the luxury of a wide choice of locations when it comes to setting up camp.

You don’t have to worry about the ground below and providing you have 3 anchor points, you are good to go! Lightweight hammocks and Tree Tents are especially portable as you can travel further without carrying too much extra weight which is ideal when backpacking, hiking or cycling. Many of the Tentsile Tree Tents and Hammocks come in a bag which can be worn as a backpack so they are compact and easily transportable.

If you already have your hammock or Tree Tent you may be looking to enhance your camping experience and even try new set ups in different locations. In this blog we’ll look at some accessories that will provide additional flexibility, not only to your setup but also to where you’ll be able to pitch.


Ladders make it a whole lot easier to access your Tree Tent or hammock. While we recommend only pitching yours at 4ft above ground, if you want to create a multi-story stack then ladders between each level make them much more accessible, particularly for children.

Tentsile’s 6ft webbing ladder is the lightest and strongest webbing ladder on the market. It’s made from an ultra-lightweight 25mm wide reinforced polyester fabric weighing 114g and rolls up into a small pouch and comes with two links to connect to the hammock or Tree Tent.

The ladder is compatible with all 3-person hammocks and Tree Tents and the Connect 2-person Tree Tent (also available in the Safari range).


No Trace Kit

Here at Tentsile we love trees. We want to make sure you get the most from your outdoor adventure while also leaving your camp site exactly as you found it, we have created the No Trace Kit.

The No Trace Kit will protect tree bark so you can pitch your Tentsile without worrying about doing any damage to the trees who are holding you up at night. There is a soft strap that wraps around the tree and the protector straps sit on top of wraps

The kit comes in a gear bag made from recycled tent fabric and includes:

  • 3 x tree wraps
  • 3 x tree protector straps
  • 3 x steel carabiners

Leave No Trace Kit

Ratchet and Weblock Extender Straps

If your hammock straps aren’t quite long enough to reach the required anchor points, don’t worry! The Rachet and Weblock Extender Straps will give you some extra length to bridge the gap. This accessory will provide even more flexibility when you are selecting a campsite and strong healthy trees. If you’re wild camping and you’re not sure where you’ll end up or if you’re car camping with the benefit of a trunk, then this item will give you peace of mind and the spirit of adventure knowing you’re all set for any terrain. Simple to use and a handy addition to your gear, this will open up many more possibilities for your pitch. The Rachet and Weblock Extender Straps are sold as a triple pack and come in different sizes so check the compatibility to make sure you have the right strap thickness for your Tentsile. There are straps to fit hammocks and Tree Tents across the whole range.

Weblock and Ratchet

Air Mattress

To keeping you camping in comfort all year round, a sleeping mat like the SkyPad Inflatable Air Mattress will provide extra cushioning for comfort any time of year and will insulate from cold air flow under the hammock floor. The SkyPad, designed in partnership with Klymit, is a dual chamber camping mat with thermal insulation and a non-slip base. It is compatible with any hammock but it is specifically designed to slot neatly into any of the Tentsile models and they even clip together for use in multi occupancy Tree Tents and Hammock for extra stability. There’s no going back once you’ve tried the SkyPad, this will set you up for the best ever nights sleep outdoors!


Drinks Holder

The Drinks Holder is a handy accessory that takes up minimal space and will provide a central space with 3 pocket inserts to hold drinks, phones or other personal belongings. It is made from insect mesh to keep the creepy crawlies out and easily attaches with velcro and ca be used in place of the Hatch Cover. Kick back with you friends and have a drink to hand at all times, ideal for open cans or cups and glasses to avoid any spillages. This is a useful extra that you won’t get with other camping hammocks. No more searching around in the dark for lost items or having to get out of the hammock to get to your things.

Drinks Holder

Ground Conversion Kit

Sometimes you're ideal location may require a ground-level set up, or if there aren't any trees in the area this is a solid back-up option. The Ground Conversion Kit is compatible with all Tentsile Tree Tents and will simply convert your flying tent into a ground level tent in a few easy steps. The kit includes, groundsheet, pegs, guy lines and poles. 

Ground Conversion Kit

For more accessories to help improve your set up, go to our blog ‘Portable camping hammock accessories - Set Up’

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