Using Your Tree Tent from Day to Night

A Tree Tent or Camping Hammock is not necessarily just a place to sleep at night, they can of course also make the perfect day time hangout, through to the...
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Tree Tent Accessories Advice Hub

Advice Centre >   Tree Tent Accessories Advice Hub This section will provide information on the how best to take care of your camping hammock and the best ways to...
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Portable Camping Accessories: Extras to Look For

If you already have your hammock or Tree Tent you may be looking to enhance your camping experience and even try new set ups in different locations. In this blog we’ll look at some accessories that will provide additional flexibility, not only to your setup but also to where you’ll be able to pitch.
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Best Lightweight Camping Hammock for Hiking & Backpacking

A camping hammock is a relatively new take on a traditional hammock. Taking a traditional hammock made from nylon or mesh, and adding a rain fly and mosquito net can build you a portable hammock suitable for camping all year around. 
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Tentsile vs. Traditional Hammocks & Tents

Tentsile invented the Tree Tent and we're thrilled that other companies have created their own versions. Any product that gets you enjoying the outdoors is fine by us!

To make sure you get the most enjoyment, here's a few reasons why Tentsile Tree Tents can offer a better experience than many of the alternatives

Michael Parker

Tentsile vs. ENO: Product Comparison

ENO are the gold-standard when it comes to traditional hammocks, no-one else comes close. Their range is high-quality, reliable and if you’re looking for a traditional hammock, they’re a great choice.

As traditional hammocks, they are lightweight and so perfect for backpacking, hiking or ultra-lightweight adventures. However, they are only really suitable for a solo camper as even in the 2-person models, you’ll both roll into the middle of the hammock.

While more expensive, Tentsile is a wholly unique product and a much better option for multi-person camping as a long-term shelter. Thanks to the anti-roll straps and taut floor, Tentsile tents and hammocks are better for couples, side/front sleepers and those wanting to camp with their pets.

Michael Parker

Tentsile vs. Hennessey Hammock: Product Comparison

Hennessy Hammocks are a great choice for ultralight expeditions, thru hiking, and hardcore lightweight advocates. They're also easy to set up in the garden without trees and so incredibly versatile. Cheaper alternatives are available, but Hennessy have established themselves as providers of high-quality and reliable products over the past 20 years.

While marginally more expensive, Tentsile products offer a wholly unique experience and a much better option for a "flat lay" or multi-person camping. Thanks to the anti-roll straps and taut floor, Tentsile tents and hammocks are better for couples, side/front sleepers and those wanting to camp with their pets.

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Tentsile vs. Kammok: Product Comparison

The Flite is a heavier and takes a little longer to set up, but is for 2-people to sleep in absolute comfort. It can be set up in ground mode, but this does require a Ground Conversion Kit.

The Sunda (2.0) is a more lightweight option for a solo camper and can be pitched on the ground or between trees so is very versatile.

So if you're looking for a hammock tent to sleep 2 people and want a comfortable and weather-proof night's sleep, the Flite is likely the best option, but if you're running solo and need the extra versatility, then the Sunda (2.0) ticks all the boxes.

Michael Parker

Hammock Comparisons

Our mission at Tentsile is to produce a range of tree tents and camping hammocks which encourage customers to enjoy the outdoors and create unique camping experiences.

The more enjoyable we can make your camping experience, the more time you'll want to spend outside.

Forming these unforgettable memories helps build on our appreciation for the outdoors and inspires us to protect our environment as much as we can.

Because of this, we have a great deal of respect for our competitors, whether you prefer their tents/hammocks or ours, any product which brings you happiness in the great outdoors is a winner to us.

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Different Types of Hammocks

Advice Centre > Hammocks Advice Hub > Different types of hammocks With different types of hammocks to choose from, decisions can be difficult. This section will provide information on different...
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Hammocks Advice Hub

Advice Centre >  Hammocks Advice Hub Camping hammocks are easy to set up, offering comfort and great value. This section provides information on the different types of camping hammocks and...
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