A Tree Tent or Camping Hammock is not necessarily just a place to sleep at night, they can of course also make the perfect day time hangout, through to the evening. If your camping trip is less action-packed and more of a ‘kicking back with a good book and relaxing’ kind of getaway, then you have all bases covered. There are a few things to consider if you are using your basecamp through the day, and in this guide we’ll talk about how you can make the best use of your Tree Tent from morning until night, including set-up and safety advice and some accessories that make this transitional use as simple as possible.

In this guide:

  1. Using your Tree Tent in the day
  2. Using your Tree Tent at night
  3. Transitional tips and considerations
  4. Tentsile Tree Tents and Accessories

Using your Tree Tent in the day

All Tentsile Tree Tents come with a built-in bug net so you can while away the hours without being bothered by pests or you can roll it back to use the tent as a hammock. Depending on where you choose to set up camp, you can select a shady spot or stay out in the sun; without the rainfly on you can still make the most of the sun rays and soak up some vitamin D. Remember to take plenty of water with you so you can stay hydrated and don’t forget sun protection, your sunglasses and a hat. If in doubt about available shade at your selected destination, then be sure to take an additional tarp with you to create your own.

Using your Tree Tent at night

Temperatures may drop at night so it’s a good idea to pack some extra layers for when the sun goes down. You may also need a sleeping bag and an sleeping pad to insulate against cold breezes underneath the tent floor.

You may also want some extra space in the tent at night, so make use of the storage available and stow your bags and belongings in the pockets and underfloor storage nets to keep them within reach, dry and off the ground.

Transitional Tips and Considerations

The way you use your Tentsile may differ from day to night, for example, there may be more people hanging out during the day with fewer spending the night or visa versa. Either way, think about the weight load when setting up the Tentsile and don’t be tempted to overload the Tree Tent or Hammock with lots of people during the day, even though everyone is going to want to try it out!

It’s worth giving extra thought to where you set up camp, consider where the sun will rise and set and your Tentsile’s positioning for some extra shut eye in the morning or a fantastic view of the sunset.

If you are on a campsite, think about where you are in relation to the nearby facilities and wind direction, if you are having a campfire, you probably won’t want to be pitched downwind. If you are wild camping then it’s a good idea to have a designated toilet area and pitch your Tentsile within walking distance so you don’t have to go far at night.

Bear in mind other campers and wildlife in the area. If you are a large group, be considerate of how much noise you are making as this will impact on those around you.

Tentsile Tree Tents and Accessories

There is a Tree Tent for every adventure; from solo campers, to couples to families and groups, there’s an option for everyone and if you are an even larger group you can stack your Tentsile for even greater occupancy.

Here are just a few of our available Tree Tents:

The UNA 1-person Tree Tent

This lightweight Tree Tent is the solo campers companion and can be used as a hammock during the day and fully enclosed Tree Tent by night. The UNA still benefits from underfloor storage to stow away your bags and belongings and has a double layered tension floor.

The Safari Connect 2-person Tree Tent

The Safari Connect provides more space and storage capacity with plenty of internal pockets and underfloor capacity to keep your possessions close by. The Safari range are our toughest and most durable tents and are best for extreme climates (with a UV rating of 3,500 hours and 8,000HH rainfly) and multiple occupancy turnover which means they can also be set up as semi-permanent camps. The standard Connect is also available for less extreme camping conditions with the same footprint and storage available.

The Universe 5-person three-element tent

The unique and innovative design of the Universe allows up to 5 campers to spend time on the water, on the ground and in the air. The base is an inflatable insulated SUP board to suit all three elements and can be used as a sunbathing deck, play structure or even a platform for fishing. It also comes with a built-in no-see-um insect mesh and removeable rainfly for versatile set ups. This really takes camping to a whole new level! 

See our full range of Tentsile Tree Tents here and check out our comparison chart to see which Tree Tent is best suited to your tribe.

Accessorise your Tree Tent to transition from day to night with some of the items below:

Sky-Pad air mattress

For an added layer of comfort and to insulate from cool breezes under the Tree Tent floor add a Sky-Pad to your packing list. Three Sky-Pads can be clipped together for more stability and support in 3-person set ups but they will also individually slips into each of the Tentsile models in the range.

Tent walls

Tent walls can create a wind break and protection from the rain and a cosy ground level hang out space beneath your Tree tent.

Drinks holder and hatch cover (for 3-person Tree Tents and hammocks)

During the day the drinks holder makes a handy central spot to keep your drinks close by and to avoid spillages. When it’s time for bed you may want to replace your Drinks holder with a hatch cover to block out any breezes and further insulate your tent.

Check out our full range of Accessories here.

It really is as easy as that to use your hanging Tree Tent from day to night and it offers up a whole new experience from traditional tent camping.

Hannah Hughes