Camping and outdoor pursuits have seen a resurgence in the last year due to the Covid restrictions, local lockdowns and travel bans gradually being lifted across the globe. Never before has being outside and exploring in nature been so appealing, so you might have a several trips booked through the year and through the seasons. Camping is fun any time of year but to make sure your trip is stress-free there are considerations to think about so you are prepared in every season whether you are wild camping or have the amenities of a campsite nearby.

Tree Tents are a great choice for all-season camping as you’ll be sleeping off the ground and you have a wide choice of options when it comes to choosing your pitch. There are also a number of accessories which can be added to your kit to make sure that you are comfortable in every weather condition.

In this guide:

  1. Using your tree tent in spring and summer
  2. Using your tree tent in autumn and winter
  3. Multi-season camping tips and considerations
  4. Tentsile tree tents and accessories

Using Your Tree Tent in Spring and Summer

Spring and summer is a popular time for camping as the weather improves and nature is blooming. In Spring, when the weather is more changeable you’ll need to consider possible rain or showers and make sure that you are prepared with a rainfly and possibly a tarp if you want additional shelter, waterproof clothing and a change of clothes. In the summer, keeping cool is a priority so you’ll want to keep your tree tent ventilated and make the most of breezes and air flow. Tentsiles are made from breathable materials so you won’t overheat in the hot weather.

Mosquitos, insects and other pests can be a nuisance so go armed with repellent and make use of the integrated no-see-um bug net to keep the bugs at bay.

Before you set up, consider where to position your camp in relation to direct sunlight or shade. In particularly hot climates you’ll want to make sure you are pitched in the shade and that your tree tent has UV protection. The Tentsile Safari range is UV resistant for 3,500 hours, this is particularly relevant if you opt to set up a Safari product as a semi-permanent structure for up to 3 months.

Using Your Tree Tent in Autumn and Winter

Camping later in the year can still offer warm nights in Autumn and the opportunity for cosying up around a campfire on colder winter nights.

To make sure you stay warm and cosy, pack a sleeping pad like the Sky-Pad to insulate you from any cool air flow underneath the tent and take a sleeping bag, an extra blanket and some woollen clothes and hat. Choose a tree tent suitable for the number of occupants; too much space will allow cool air to build up and the body heat from your fellow campers will help to keep you warm.


You’ll want to make sure that your tree tent is suitable for your camping conditions, so if you’re camping in extreme climates and are likely to experience heavy rain, hail, strong winds, or even snow, then look for a 4-season tent with a high hydrostatic head (HH) and waterproof rating. Our Safari range is built for these more extreme climates, made with thicker, tougher materials that are built to withstand the most challenging weather conditions.

Multi-season Camping Tips and Considerations

To perfect multi-season camping, before you purchase your tree tent consider the following:

  • Versatility; does it have flexibility in its’s set up? Are there accessories that can be added for different seasonal use?
  • Comfort; no matter what time of year, sleeping off the ground is infinitely more comfortable than ground camping but remember to pack according to the weather and temperature.
  • Space; does the tree tent has space for all your gear and your ideal number of camping buddies? Tentsile has lots of handy storage for bags and gear and smaller items inside the tent and in storage pockets below the tent floor.
  • Functionality;
  • Set up; get familiar with the set-up and think about whether this is suitable for the different locations you might camp in through the seasons
  • Weight; bear this in mind particularly if you like to take your tree tent when hiking or cycling. Similarly, consider the weight capacity in terms of your gear and fellow campers you might be sharing with.
  • Use; think about how frequently you will use the tent and when you are most likely to use it. This will influence how lightweight or heavy duty the tree tent should be.

Tentsile Tree Tents and Accessories

We have created a handy guide so you can compare Tentsile tree tents specifications and functionality to see which one is best for you.

Here are a few ideas:

Flite 2-person Tree Tent

The Flite is a good option for someone who may like to camp solo from time to time and also camp with a partner or a buddy. It’s still lightweight enough for solo camping if you have to carry all your gear and you have extra room to really spread out and keep your gear inside but if you also have an extra person to share with you still have plenty of room and the antiroll strap system creates 2 separate sleeping bays which will stop you from both rolling into the middle. The Flite is compatible with the ground conversion kit so you have the option to camping in the air or on the ground and like with all Tentsile products there is a double layered tent floor so an air mattress can be slipped in and held securely for extra comfort in any season.


Safari Vista 3-person 3-in-1 Tree Tent

The Safari Vista has versatility at the heart of its design. Not only is it made from the most enduring and hard-wearing materials but it also converts from a hammock to a hammock with a roof with open sided views, to a complete tree tent with 100% waterproof rainfly and insect mesh. This four-season tent can be set up for any occasion; as a daytime hangout in the backyard or in the park, as a semi-permanent camp or base camp for a longer trips. Switch from hammock camping to a full-blown hammock tent in no time.

Universe 5-person Tree Tent

Seeing is believing when it comes to the Universe 3-element Tree Tent. The Universe can be pitched in the air, on the ground and on the water and is ideal for camping with larger groups, plus it makes an excellent sunbathing deck or play structure. Whatever the weather, the Universe has you covered.

We also have a range of accessories available to prepare you for every scenario. From tent walls to use as wind breaks or to create shade or privacy, to watergates for extra wet weather and the Sky-Pad air mattress for extra insulation and comfort.


Hannah Hughes