Tentsile invented the Tree Tent and we're thrilled that other companies have created their own versions. Any product that gets you enjoying the outdoors is fine by us!

To make sure you get the most enjoyment, here's a few reasons why Tentsile Tree Tents can offer a better experience than many of the alternatives.

Comfortable Sleeping Position

Traditional hammocks can be set up almost anywhere and offer levels of versatility that is be hard to match with a conventional tent. However, most hammock tents only give you the option (and space) you to lie on your back as the hammock floor envelops you and forces you into a mummy position.

Thanks to our tensioned floor and 3 anchor points, Tentsile Tree Tents and Hammocks give you a taut surface (similar to a trampoline but with less bounce) on which you can lay in any position - on your front, side or back.

The anchor points also ensure that there's very little movement on the hammocks and tents especially compared to the swinging and accompanying (for some people) motion-sickness that comes with normal hammocks.


Tentsile Tree Tents give you all the positive experiences you just can’t get in a hammock tent; space to move, space for gear, space for friends to share the experience with and all that glorious ground area under the tent and massive rain fly.

Multiple People

Thanks to the sag present when using a hammock, they are very difficult to share a hammock, making it a pretty solitary experience, so if you want to snuggle up with your partner - you're out of luck!

With Tentsile, aside from the UNA 1-Person Tree Tent, which is designed for solo adventures, all our tents and hammocks can accommodate 2 or more adults, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy the Great Outdoors floating in comfort above the forest floor.


Our tents are built to hold up to 400kg (depending on the tent), making them perfect for regular use in tough conditions. They are reinforced with seatbelt webbing and built to absorb movement.

Many alternatives are lighter than our hammock tents making them a little easier for lightweight adventures, but the downside is that they're a little less durable.


Most camping hammocks come with an insect mesh and rainfly but these often have gaps where wind and errant rain can enter.

Each Tentsile tent comes with a a built-in no-see-um insect mesh and a waterproof which can wrap around the tent to fully enclose it and protect from all weather.

Michael Parker