Eagle Nest Outfitters (ENO) are one of the best-known hammock brands on the market today.

Thanks to their high-quality products, eye-catching colour schemes and great social media following ENO (like Tentsile), have developed a cult following of loyal customers.

ENO SubLink Hammock System

Tentsile UNA 1-Person Hammock Tent vs. ENO SubLink Hammock System

The battle of the lightweights! The ENO hammock and Tentsile UNA systems come with everything included to get you out camping in the trees. The SubLink is ENOs take on the super-light and back-packable tent.

While this isn’t the most stripped back version of an ENO, you could take on a trail and like the UNA, and it strikes a good balance of weight saving and comfort.

  • For a hammock set up, the SubLink system isn’t much lighter than the UNA, weighing in at 1.45kg, compared to the UNA’s 1.99kg.
  • Again, pack size is smaller but not massively (22.9 x 11.4 x 25.4cm vs the UNAs 35 x 15 x 16 cm)
  • The UNA packs down into a single bag, whereas the SubLink system has each individual part packed into 5 individual bags. While this can be a benefit to ease of packing around the other items in your bag, which you could still do with the UNA if you wanted to, it can also be a little annoying when you don’t have everything you need in one bag.
  • ENO doesn't have a built-in insect mesh. On the plus side, you can leave it at home when you don’t need it, reducing the pack weight and if you rip it you can easily replace it. However, because it's not built-in the insect mesh isn’t going to be as fully sealed. Also, it can be a bit of an effort to set this up separately.
  • The UNA uses a single pole to lift the roof creating good headspace and tension, but, while unlikely, it does have the potential to break. The ENO SubLink mesh has to be hung on a line, will never provide the proper tension needed, however, it is extremal unlikely to break.

Aside from the above, there are also a whole range of differences between the Tentsile range and the ENO range, explored below.

Tentsile Tree Tents vs. ENO Hammocks

Tentsile Advantages:

  • Tentsile Tree Tents are one of a kind and offer the comfort and versatility of a hammock with the protections and security of a tent.
  • The taut base create a "flat lay" and allows you to sleep comfortably in any position; back, stomach or side - unlike traditional hammocks (including ENO) which are only comfortable lying on your back.
  • Each Tentsile Tree Tent and hammock comes with tensioned underfloor system which creates separate sleeping bays and allows multiple people to sleep in comfort without rolling into each other. ENO offer 2-person hammocks but they are simply larger, with no underfloor support system.
  • All Tree Tents and Hammocks pack into a single bag, no matter their size.
  • Our Safari range is heavy-duty, perfect for long-term camping and semi-permanent setups.
  • Both companies include internal and external storage pockets for personal items, but Tentsile includes large under floor storage nets for bulkier items including rucksacks.
  • Tentsile tents and hammocks can be stacked to create a multi-level basecamp.
  • Most Tentsile rainflies are 5,000HH (2,500HH for the UNA) and the Safari rainflies are 8,000HH compared to ENO's 2,000HH rainfly.
  • Each tent has a specially designed rainfly which can be completely wrapped around the tent.
  • Tentsile tents and hammocks are unique so be aware, whenever you setup camp you’ll always have at least 1 (usually very vocal) admirer.

ENO Advantages

  • While Tentsile offers the lightweight T-Mini double hammock and the UNA and Flite Tree Tents, ENO hammocks are lighter and take up less space in your pack.
  • They are simple and fast to pitch with no knots needed, even on their lightest models.
  • ENO hammocks are lower cost than Tentsile’s range.
  • A very modular product, so you can tweak your personal set up to be unique to you and fit your needs perfectly.
  • Wide range of easily compatible third-party straps and accessories.


ENO are the gold-standard when it comes to traditional hammocks. Their range is high-quality, reliable and if you’re looking for a traditional hammock, they’re a great choice.

As traditional hammocks, they are lightweight and so perfect for backpacking, hiking or ultra-lightweight adventures. However, they are only really suitable for a solo camper as even in the 2-person models, you’ll both roll into the middle of the hammock.

While more expensive, Tentsile is a wholly unique experience and a much better option for multi-person camping as a long-term shelter. Thanks to the anti-roll straps and taut floor, Tentsile tents and hammocks offer a "flat lay" and a more comfortable night's sleep for most. They are more spacious and better for couples, side/front sleepers and those wanting to camp with their pets.

    Michael Parker