Hennessy Hammocks are the pioneers of the Camping Hammock world with over 20 year experience in the field. An established outdoor company, Hennessy specialise in providing traditional hammocks and camping hammock tents for a variety of uses and environments.

Tentsile Advantages:

  • Tentsile Tree Tents are one of a kind and offer the comfort and versatility of a hammock with the protections and security of a tent.
  • The taut base allows you to sleep comfortably in any position; back, stomach or side - unlike traditional hammocks (including Hennessy).
  • Each tent and hammock comes with tensioned underfloor system which creates separate sleeping bays and allows multiple people to sleep in comfort without rolling into each other.
  • All Tree Tents and Hammocks pack into a single bag, no matter their size.
  • Our Safari range is heavy-duty and can be used for up 3 months at a time, perfect for long-term camping and semi-permanent setups.
  • Internal and external storage pockets for personal items and even rucksacks (on our 2+ person tents)
  • Tentsile tents and hammocks can be stacked to create a multi-level basecamp.
  • Most of our rainflies are 5,000HH (2,500HH for the UNA) and the Safari rainflies are 8,000HH compared to Hennessy's 2,000HH rainfly.
  • Each tent has a specially designed rainfly which completely wraps around the tent.

Hennessy Hammock Advantages:

  • Lightweight and with a smaller pack size, so a good choice for hiking
  • The asymmetrical floor shape offers much greater sturdiness than a traditional hammock.
  • Two different style of entrances available, including a unique and patented underfloor entrance for simple and direct entry.
  • Simple & familiar to set up, great for beginners, and easy to find locations
  • Rainfly could be set up specifically to deal with snow, and you have the option to purchase a range of different tarps for different endeavours.
  • A wide range of third-party straps and accessories are available.
  • High end models are comparable in price to the Tentsile UNA, but you get "less hammock" for your money.


Hennessy Hammocks are a great choice for ultralight expeditions, thru hiking, and hardcore lightweight advocates. They're also easy to set up in the garden without trees and so incredibly versatile. Cheaper alternatives are available, but Hennessy have established themselves as providers of high-quality and reliable products over the past 20 years.

While marginally more expensive, Tentsile products offer a wholly unique experience and a much better option for a "flat lay" or multi-person camping. Thanks to the anti-roll straps and taut floor, Tentsile tents and hammocks are better for couples, side/front sleepers and those wanting to camp with their pets.

Michael Parker