Kammok specialise in producing traditional hammocks, but also stock a small range of 1-person hammock tents. These tents are formed from the combination of a standard hammock, with a built-in insect mesh and rainfly.

While we love and stand by our products, they're not always going to be the right choice for you. We want campers to enjoy the outdoors and if you can do that better in a non-Tentsile tent, then that's fine by us.

We've written what we believe is a fair and balanced comparison of some of Kammok's most popular models with our own so you can find the hammock tent that is best for you:

Kammok Sunda (2.0) Hammock Tent


Tentsile Flite Advantages:

  • The Flite's tensioned setup creates a taut base to sleep on allowing you to sleep in any position, making for a comfortable night's sleep.
  • The built-in underfloor strap system creates 2 separate separate bays so even when one camper is heavier than the other, you won't rolling into each other or the middle of the hammock tent.
  • There are 6 storage pockets, making it easier to keep your personal items safe and dry.
  • You can set the tent up on the floor, but this does need a Ground Conversion Kit.
  • The Flite can be "stacked" with a T-Mini 2-Person Double Hammock to a Ground Conversion Kit and Double-Bubble Insect Mesh to create a 4-person, multi level camping setup.
  • The 70D 5,000HH rainfly provides more waterproofing than the 20D  rainfly included in the Sunda (2.0). It is also removable meaning that in warm weather you can enjoy the breeze and sleep looking up at the stars.
  • The Flite is currently $399 vs. $420 for the Sunda (2.0).

Kammok Sunda 2.0 Advantages:

  • The Sunda is easier for 1-person to set up and can be use in the air and on the ground without needing additional products.
  • It has more headroom than the Flite, so may be better for super tall campers.
  • The Sunda has doors built into the rainfly so it's easier to climb in when the rainfly is attached.
  • At half the weight of the Flite, it is more suitable for super lightweight hiking and adventuring.


The Flite is a heavier and takes a little longer to set up, but is for 2-people to sleep in absolute comfort. It can be set up in ground mode, but this does require a Ground Conversion Kit.

The Sunda (2.0) is a more lightweight option for a solo camper and can be pitched on the ground or between trees so is very versatile.

So if you're looking for a hammock tent to sleep 2 people and want a comfortable and weather-proof night's sleep, the Flite is likely the best option, but if you're running solo and need the extra versatility, then the Sunda (2.0) ticks all the boxes.

Kammok Mantis UL Hammock Tent


Tentsile UNA Advantages:

  • The UNA's tensioned setup creates a taut base to sleep on allowing you to sleep in any position, making for a comfortable night's sleep.
  • The 3-points of tension mentioned above also means there will be far less movement and little of the swinging traditionally associated with hammocks.
  • You can set the tent up on the floor, but this does need a Ground Conversion Kit.
  • The UNA comes with built-in storage pockets. The Mantis UL can be upgraded with a storage net, but it cost $259, the same price as the tent was originally.
  • It offers a larger sleeping area so you can sleep with your bag in the tent. without it slipping down onto you in the night.
  • The 20D rainfly offers a little more protection than the 15D rainfly included with the Mantis UL.

Kammok Mantis UL Advantages:

  • The Mantis UL weights 1lb 15.5 oz (0.89kg) with the rainfly and 1lb 2.7 oz (0.53kg) without making it a super-lightweight option for carrying with you.
  • Packs away smaller, and into a really nice custom bag with multiple compartments and multiple attachment options.
  • Setting up is fast and simpler for beginners.
  • The tarp could be adapted to create a ground shelter.
  • Its adaptable rainfly can be set up to deal with specific rain conditions or the snow
  • It has a max capacity of 136kg, compared to the 120kg for the UNA.
  • The full hammock tent setup is the same price as the UNA ($299) however for this 


The Mantis UL is perfect if you need a super lightweight setup and is quick to set up. The rainfly is less weatherproof than the UNA, but is a little more adaptable for different conditions - however, if you don't know what you're doing, you could set it up wrong.

Where the UNA comes into it's own is increased size, durability and a much more secure setup with far less movement and swinging. The UNA is also second-to-none when it comes to comfort and a good night's sleep as the tensioned base sags very little compared to the Mantis UL. Naturally, this come at the cost of a longer setup time.

Michael Parker