One thing we all hate when on a camping trip is the encroachment of bugs and insects into our space; a nasty bug bite is enough to ruin any experience, no matter how experienced a camper you are. You've got your citronella candle, bug spray and maybe a bug repellent bracelet or mosquito repellent, but how can you keep the creepy crawlies out of your camping gear? Luckily, Tree Tents are perfect for keeping the numbers of crawling, flying, biting insects and sucking creepies out, and they do this in many different ways!

Firstly, being off the ground is a huge benefit. Any pest that crawls won’t be able to find you, as you will be suspended over the ground without any touching points. Anything ground-based will simply walk right underneath you, without even knowing you are there!

Tree Tents only have three small points of contact with viable routes for any walking crawling or climbing critters like caterpillars, and that is the three straps that wrap around the trees. A small number of bugs climbing up the tree trunk may find their way onto the straps and along those to the tent, but a quick swipe of Vaseline, sunblock, insect repellent or any other sticky liquidly stuff (not jam!) will create an impenetrable barrier that crawling bugs and annoying insects just won’t cross.

All Tentsile’s Tree Tents are made with an integrated insect no-see-um mesh, with holes smaller than 0.5 millimetres. There is nothing that is going to get through that. We tested it. In the North, where the black flies swarm and bite harder than you’d believe. The only way they’ll get in is if they come in with you, through the hatch or open tent door. That is why our favourite setups are ‘stacks’, where you can create several ‘airlocks’ which will reduce the number of mosquitoes or flies that can follow you to bed.

Tentsile has created its Tree Tents and Giant Hammocks to a modular system, which means all the parts are compatible with each other. They can all link together, creating multi-levelled portable treehouses! You can simply set them up above each other and fill the in-between gaps with the ingenious Double Bubble—a three-sided insect mesh screen that encloses the space between layers.

With these stackable, interchangeable, insect-proof, pop up tent structures, Tentsile really does take your experience to another level and camping trips will never be the same!

Hannah Hughes