Traditional hammocks make a great place to relax and watch the world go by, but they’re not necessarily built for all conditions and won’t guarantee a great night’s sleep. For solo adventures, hiking and backpacking, the camping hammock is king.

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1.  What is a camping hammock?

A camping hammock, offers a lightweight alternative to overnight tent camping for those who prefer to float above the ground. There are specific types of hammock design with varying suspension systems for every kind of adventure:

Backpacking hammocks: open top, super lightweight and small pack size

Hammock tents: offer some cover or insect mesh

Jungle hammock: generally have 100% mosquito proof fabrics and will be mad for tropical climates


2.  Benefits of lightweight camping hammocks for backpacking or super quick solo camping set ups

Easy to carry

A solo hammock will generally come in a small bag which can be attached to your backpack or will only take up minimal space.

Set up anywhere

The beauty of the camping hammock is that providing you have two anchor points, you can set up anywhere whether it’s between two trees or two posts. You can even use a car or van as one anchor point or set up on a porch or using a stand. Wild camping with a hammock affords campers the freedom to be spontaneous choosing where to camp while also leaving space in your pack for being prepared!

Stay off the ground

A night suspended above the hard ground means that you have far fewer creepy crawlies to deal with than other lightweight sleeping options such as a bivy sack. It also increases your possible campsites as you don’t have to worry about wet, rocky or uneven ground and you won’t be impacting the flora and fauna directly beneath you. You may even have a better nights sleep and feel more energised the next day.

Multi-purpose piece of kit

As well as a bed for the night a hammock also makes a great camp seat for pitstops through the day.

Simple installation

The Tentsile Solo comes with pre looped webbing and small carabiners for easy attachment to your selected anchor points. If you are using the Tentsile Solo with one of the other Tentsile Tree Tent models then you can simply attach to the D ring using the small carabiners included.

The Tentsile UNA 1-person Tree Tent weighs in at 3.13lbs complete with rain fly and bug net. The main differences being that it has a taut, flat base made from 2 layers of 20D breathable nylon and a 3-point anchor system (so you'll need 3 trees rather than 2) but it is just as easy to install. For overnight camping in conditions when you might need a little more protection from creepy crawlies and wet and windy weather, this is the perfect set up providing comfort and shelter without weighing down your pack. The UNA also benefits from the option to insert a sleeping pad such as the SkyPad for extra cushioning and insulation.



4.  How much should a lightweight camping hammock weigh?

Three kg or less is the perfect weight when attempting to backpack with camping hammocks. This means you will be able to carry other important camping gear. You may be a veteran at wild camping or perhaps it’s your first time hammock camping, but to ensure you’re equipped for the type of expedition you are going on, consider other heavier or bulkier items you may need such as hammock accessories, mosquito net, sleeping bag, backpacking tarp and trekking poles.


5.  The best lightweight solo camping hammock: Tentsile Solo

The Tentsile solo is the affordable ultra-lightweight solution for solo adventurers. This model can be set up between two trees or anchor points and can also attach to any of the Tentsile 2 or 3-person Tree Tents. Weighing just 2lbs it won’t weigh down your pack or take up too much space, leaving plenty of room for the rest of your gear. Quality is assured as it’s made with the same robust mesh material as Tentsile’s other Tree Tents without compromising the weight.

Key Properties

  • Weight: 2lbs
  • Size: 9ft
  • Price: $40
  • Material: Heavy-duty nylon-polyester mesh
  • Packed size: 7.8 x.7.8 x 7.8in
  • Max capacity: 1 adult / 240lbs



6.  The best lightweight 2 person hammock

If you find yourself camping more often with a buddy and you want to double up but keep the weight down, then take a look at the T-mini double hammock which weighs just 5.3lbs. Like the 1-person UNA Tree Tent it has a 3-point anchor system and is reinforced with seatbelt webbing creating 2 separate sleeping bays so you won't roll in to the middle.



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