So, you want to a new type of outdoor adventure with your tribe, be it with friends, family or as a couple. There are some key factors to think about when hammock camping as opposed to traditional tent camping, so whether you’re planning on backpacking into the wild or stargazing from your own backyard we’ll try to help you find the best fit for your camping trip.

In this guide:

What is a two-person camping hammock?

Hammocks have reached new levels of comfort to ensure you can have a cosy night’s sleep in the great outdoors and feel rested for the next day. However, it’s easy to get bogged down and confused with all the different hammocks on offer.

To demystify the different types of hammock out there, here’s a breakdown of what’s on the market:

Gathered end hammock

Gathered-End Hammock

These are classic hammocks with the material bunched at each end. They are generally cheap and great for lounging but realistically a double hammock in this style won’t provide a great night’s sleep and there’s not much room for manoeuvre and you can get engulfed by the sides of the hammock.

Asymetrical hammock

Asymmetrical Hammock

The asymmetrical style gives more space at the head and feet and allows you to lay diagonally.

Spreader bar hammock

Spreader Bar Hammock

The wooden spreader bar at either end provides more space for head and feet and provides a flatter lying position.

90 degree hammock

90-Degree Hammock

Relatively new to the market the suspension runs along the side of the hammock so you can lay horizontally but set up can require a stand and getting in and out can be tricky.

Hammock chair

Hammock chair

A comfortable and relaxing place to chill but not ideal for sleeping!

T-mIni 2-person double hammock

3-point Anchor Camping Hammock

Like the Tentsile hammock range, the 3-point anchor system creates a taut, flat hammock floor which will support your whole body.

What to look for in a two-person hammock

There are key features on a two-person hammock that need to be considered before purchasing, these include:

Size and space

Friends and family could simply carry two separate single hammocks but it makes more sense to have a single two person hammock for portability. Some campers even enjoy a double hammock to themselves for extra space. Check out the length of the hammock to make sure it’s a suitable size for your height so you have room to have your legs outstretched.


This is an important one as obviously you want to be comfortable. The Tentsile T-mini 2-person hammock tent utilises a 3-point anchor system creating a taut surface so unlike a normal hammock, you can lie on your back, front or side in comfort. You can also accessorise for cosiness and slide in an inflatable Sky-Pad mattress for extra cushioning and insolation and snuggle up in a sleeping bag or under a blanket.

Separate sleeping bays

Some double hammocks will not have separate sleeping bays but you will most likely end up in a heap in the middle without them. The T-Mini product supplied by Tentsile offers separate sleeping bays using the anti-roll system which is a simple design feature using webbing to divide the hammock so both occupants can spread out.


Considering how much you should spend on a hammock depends on your needs. You’ll be able to find hammocks for cheap, but they will be limited with what you can achieve with them. The price of hammocks can vary wildly so you want to strike a balance between quality and affordability, if you want something as a temporary backyard solution then a lower cost hammock will be ideal, but if you want something that had the durability for many years and has the versatility to be more than a backyard summer lounger, then a Tentsile Camping Hamock will be the best option.


There are a range of materials used each with their own benefits:

  • Parachute nylon: waterproof and mold resistant, handy for when camping gear gets wet with dew, however it’s not breathable or stretchy
  • Rip-stop nylon or polyester: the ultralight option with the added bonus that if it rips, the tear won’t get any bigger

Portability – consider pack size and weight

Tentsile’s T-mini is compact enough to be perfect for backpackers, cyclist and other kinds of adventurist and it fits into a lightweight bag (just 2.4kg) so it’s the ideal portable hammock that won’t weigh you down or limit how far you travel!


Many Tentsile Hammocks include accessories to enhance your experience including many convenient storage options to keep your belongings safe and dry. For example; The T-mini has a bonus feature of underfloor storage so it will stay safe and dry and close to hand.

Set up and location

You don’t want set up to stress you out so make sure you have read the instructions or watched a few videos before you attempt to hang your camping hammock. The perks of tree tent or hammock tent camping is that you don’t need to find level ground and there is minimal equipment needed.

You will however need trees, so research your location. No trees? Don’t let this stop your fun. We have some great alternative ways hanging your hammock without trees.

We’d recommend always opting for a suspension system using flat webbing straps used with tree protectors so tree bark is not damaged. These are included with every Tentsile hammock.


Are two person hammocks comfy?

Yes, ff set up correctly you will find it easy to while away the hours or sleep through the night. The Tentsile T-Mini has two separate sleeping bays supported by the anti-roll system so you won’t roll into the middle and the taut design means it won’t sag and your whole body is be supported. If you are camping in cooler climates then an inflatable mattress will insulate the bottom of the hammock from cool air.

Can two people sleep in a single-person camping hammock?

No, it’s not recommended that two people sleep in a single person hammock! All hammocks have a load capacity and two people should not climb into a single hammock, especially when suspended as it can be dangerous as there’s a good chance it will collapse!

How do you hang a two-person camping hammock?

Before suspending your new hammock learn how to hang your hammock to avoid injury. Depending on the type of hammock, you may have some extra equipment such as carabiners and tree straps which come with the product. For a gathered end or asymmetrical hammock ideally you want to hang the hammock with a 1ft sag in the middle. Always bear in mind your location as you will need 2 or 3 trees depending on which hammock you choose but you can also get creative and use a post, gate or car as anchor point or even use a hammock stand.

Here’s a quick video that will show you step by step setting up the T-Mini Hammock using the 3-point anchor system:


Here’s a video which will help you select healthy trees for anchoring your hammock tent.

How can I stay dry in a hammock?

You can set up a ridgeline which runs over top of your hammock between anchor points and hang a tarp from it or even mosquito netting and bags and other belonging you want to keep off the ground. If you want full coverage, then check out Tentsile’s range of Weatherproofing & Roof Kits


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