When it comes to backpacking, weight is everything. The lighter your pack, the further you’ll be able to travel, and the more comfortable you’ll be. Ultralight backpacking is more of a state of mind than shooting for a random pack weight goal. If you want to go ultralight, start paying attention to what gear you can live without and only pack the essentials.

One of the best places you can shave off weight is with your choice of shelter. Traditional backpacking tents range from two to ten pounds, with most falling somewhere in the middle of that range. Tents—with their poles, stakes, rain flys, and footprints—can be very bulky, especially for backpacking. Hammocks, on the contrary, are very lightweight and take up very little pack space. This is why many ultralight backpackers prefer camping with hammocks or tree tents.

When it comes to backpacking hammocks, your biggest decision will be choosing between two sizes - single and double-wide. Here are our suggestions for the best ultralight backpacking hammock tents (or tree tents) for both solo and 2-person travel.

UNA 1-Person Hammock Tent

1 person tent hammock

The UNA 1-Person Tree Tent is one of the best hammock tents for ultralight backpacking. Carrying this super light 1 person tent will free up space in your pack and allow you to set up camp virtually anywhere with trees. There’s no need to find level ground for a comfortable night’s sleep with one of these. The tent’s 3-point anchor system creates a taut sleeping surface, which lets you sleep in any position (stomach sleepers rejoice), unlike regular hammocks.

This ultralight backpacking Tree Tent comes with a built-in insect mesh. The insect mesh can be fully unzipped too, so you can enjoy a full breeze in your hammock tent on evenings when the bugs aren’t out and biting. The tent also features a detachable rain fly, which extends outward from the tent to give you a protected area where you can store your gear. If there’s no threat of rain, you can leave the rain fly at home and save even more weight.

The UNA comes with ratchet buckles, bungee cords, carabiners, and straps—everything you need to get it set up quickly & easily. It can also be set up at home for a cozy hang out spot when you’re not out on the trail.

T-Mini 2-Person Double Hammock

Double hammock

The T-Mini double hammock is the perfect ultralight backpacking tent for two people. Just like a single person hammock, you can hook it up anywhere you find three suitable trees (or poles, or boulders, or any other strong anchor points). The T-Mini has two separate sleeping bays, making it ideal for couples or very close friends. Just remember that your combined weight and gear should not exceed 485 pounds. A central strap separates the two sleeping areas and prevents both people from migrating toward the center of the hammock tent.

This double hammock comes with an underfloor storage compartment, so you can keep smaller items like your cell phone or headlamp handy. This compact model is also ideal for cycling trips, car camping, and just lounging in the backyard. The versatility of these models is what makes them so useful for backpackers and campers of all kinds.

Ryan W