Our customers have shared some pretty special experiences in the past, but I think this might be our favourite:

"I had lost hope that I was ever going to meet someone and get married. I had gone through a lot of failed relationships, and I was starting to doubt my own self-worth. Buying a Tensile Trillium hammock and Stingray Tent was a self-care type of purchase.

In so doing, I had set myself up to have an amazing summer, setting up my gear on camping trips, and in backyards, all summer long. That fall, I met an amazing woman, and we hit it off immediately, talking about camping, climbing, and most especially, my Tentsile tents. We scheduled a date for later that week to set it up in the city park.

The day of the date arrived, and after we had set it up, it proceeded to rain for 3 hours straight, and we were stuck (high & dry inside), talking and laughing, and getting to know each other.  That time we spent was critical to the development of our relationship, and the tent 100% instrumental.

When I asked her to marry me, the next summer, I had prepared my Trillium Hammock at a City Park (along with other momentous of our relationships, such as flowers and horses) to make the proposal as special as possible. She said YES!"

Michael Parker