Why a hammock? The obvious answer: to relax. But maybe a better answer – to camp! 

The days of heavy, scratchy rope hammocks are long gone. Modern technology and engineering wizardry have brought lightweight, tough-as-steel, super portable hammocks into the mainstream. What’s more, Tentsile offer a huge range of sizes. The “comfiest camping hammocks in the world” start with the cozy 1-person “solo” model and work their way up to the giant 6-person Trillium XL hammock.

With our lightweight materials, it is easier than ever to go big, ensuring that everyone—of every size—has a chance to kick their feet up. Tentsile hammocks and Tree Tents can be compressed and packed down, making it easy to bring along on day trips or road trips. Best of all, in any size, the Tentsile range of products creates an incredibly comfy sleeping platform without sag and with plenty of room to stretch out.


Starting Big: The 6-Person Hammock

6-Person Hammock

Perhaps the most incredible hammock design by Tentsile is the largest model in the range. This 6-person hammock, known as the Trillium XL, anchors at three points like our other models, creating a massive space for six adults to lounge or sleep for the night. 

The Trillium XL model can handle a mind-boggling 1200 pounds of weight, and rigs up easily to create a taut bed with zero sag. An adjustable seatbelt webbing that runs from the central hatch to the corners of the black polyester composite mesh base creates three separate sleeping bays. Unlike traditional hammocks, this amazing outdoor bed can be placed over the ground in any condition. All you have to do is locate three anchor points and you’ll have a fantastic (and suspended) space to use with family and friends!


Our Full Range of Hammock Sizes

Hammock sizes

Of course, Tentsile also offers more traditionally sized 2- or 3-person hammocks. Like the Trillium XL, the more modest-sized loungers can handle several people and use the efficient 3-point anchor system. Our Trillium 3-person hammock model is large and tough enough for 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids. It has the same great design (polyester straps, ratchet buckles, and protector straps) and can be set up by just one camper.

The “T-Mini” or 2-person hammock is still plenty roomy. It can handle up to 485 pounds and (like all the rest of Tentsile hammocks) has separate sleeping bays. The design means you’ll never roll into the center, so these hammocks – in all sizes – make for extremely comfortable sleeping. Add on a cover and you’ve got a tent in the trees, protected from sun, wind, and rain!

Different hammock sizes

Last on the list is the Solo model, our 1-person hammock. With just two anchor points and a very reasonable price tag, this hammock is perfect for backpackers, thru-hikers, and more! And at 9-feet in length, it's longer and roomier than you might expect—making it a good option for any sized camper.

Ryan W